Sunday, June 23, 2013

Color Me Rad 5k

My sister-in-law, Heather, asked me if I would do this run with her a long time ago, and I just kept putting off registering for it. Finally, a week before the race, she told me that the other girl she was planning on running with hurt her foot so she wasn't going to be able to do it. I really wanted Heather to have a good experience and someone to support her for her first 5k so I forked over the $50 and signed up for it on Wendesday, 3 days before the run. Heahter was smart and signed up like 6 months ago when it was only $35 which is definitly the way to do it! 

While I was signing up for races, I also signed up for the Timp Half Marathon which is in 5 weeks, and the Full Big Cottonwood Marathon which is September 14 so I jumped right in to marathon training this week! 

My first long run was supposed to be 9 miles so I decided to just run 6 miles, then meet Heather at the race and run that with her to finish out my miles. 

I stated running and my achelies tendon/ankle hurt really bad! I could hardly make myself run at all. But I remembered how the previous day, it was hurting pretty bad, but that I had run 6 miles with my sister, Katie, anyway. It had hurt really bad for the first half mile or so, then it was fine so I decided to see if it felt better after it warmed up again. It did. It felt fine after a mile, and it felt really good to be out running so I didn't even think about stopping! 

I ran up Memory Grove then turned up Bonnaville Blvd which leads up to the Avenues which was a little more than 4 miles mostly uphill. Then I went strait down the avenues to the downtown library which is where the Arts Festival and this run were being held. It was really fun to run down, and it was really steep in some parts! I got there at a little after 7:00 like I had planned, but then had to walk all the way around the Arts Festival to find the start line. It was easy to find, though, I just followed the throngs of people dressed in white.

I didn't count on Heather's phone being dead. so I had to find her the old fashioned way by just looking around. I picked up my packet, took off my Garmin and put it my bag so it wouldn't get gunked up, hoping I'd find my brother, Shane, so I could have him hold it during the run. I thought they'd be together. After walking all over and sending several texts and calls with no answer, I was starting to get worried that I wouldn't find Heather in time when suddenly, there she was right by the start line! Whew! That was a relief. We were both very happy to find each other and excited to get going. Shane was not with her so I had to just carry my bag the whole time which wasn't a big deal, but it was kind of annoying.

Here we are all clean and white before we got started.

My heel was feeling good, but my leg were getting tired and I was getting hungry since I had already gone 6 miles, then stood around for almost an hour, so I didn't mind at all when she wanted to take walking breaks during the run.  We didn't time ourselves since I didn't have my watch out, and they didn't have a timer on this run because it was a fun run and they wanted you to take your time and enjoy it. Even so, when I finally looked at the time after we'd finished it said 8:40. We had started at 8:00 and Heather was planning on taking about 45 minutes so she did much better than planned! That was exciting!

During the run, they had 4 or 5 color stations where they either sprayed us with colored water or threw colored cornstarch powder on us. The color stations got pretty conjested and you pretty much had to stop and walk if you wanted to get colored. That was ok with us though. 

When we got done, my nice red shoes were quite powdered!

It was really a party atmosphere at the finish line, and there were so may peope - a lot more than I had planned on! This was the group in front of the announcer who was throwing color out. Every 10 minutes, they'd give everyone some color and have them all throw it at the same time. We did that with them once after we finished and it was crazy! It was so powdery in there, you couldn't see for a minute! It was fun, and we wished we had more friends with us and that we weren't so worried about finding Shane (my brother and ride home) so we could enjoy it more.

Here's what we looked like when we finally found Shane.

Me in the car on the way home.

And one more so you can see the rings around my eyese from where the sunglasses were! I was able to get most of it off in the shower, with a few pink spots left, but that's ok because my skin is kind of pink in the first place so I'm sure no one could tell.

After a hot bath, I iced my heel because it was starting to feel quite sore. Then we got ready and went out to brunch and to the Arts Festival where Mindy was going to perform with her ballet group. I could hardly walk! I had to limp pretty badly to make it not hurt my heel. I couldn't beleive how much it hurt when it was just fine while I was running! I realize now that I just hurt it more running on it and I really shouldn't have done those last 3 runs. I'm going to keeping RICEing it (Rest, Ice, Compres, Elevate) for a few days and will not run on it until it feels 100% better because I don't want to do this again! I need it to get better so I can get serious about my marathon training!

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