Thursday, January 22, 2009

Echo Tri 2008

(Written July 12, 2008)

It was a very fun and busy day. It started out when we got the kids out of bed at 5am and loaded them into the car to head down to Echo Reservoir for my triathlon. Pete and the kids dropped me off, then went to breakfast and stopped in Heber. I haven't got my results yet, but I did get in under 4 hours, and that was all I hoped for so I was happy. My legs are not so happy, though.

Results of my tri: My overall time was 3:34:05.25 with the swim being 33:29, bike 1:40:00 and run 1:12:22. I was dead last in my age group. Dang it. Oh well. In order to place in my age group, I would have to be almost an hour faster. Ug. I've got a lot of speed work ahead of me. I was happy with my swim time, though. Especially considering my last swim time!

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