Monday, April 29, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday + New Summer Running Outfit

Mondays are always hard and today was no exception. I was still feeling sore from Saturday and did not feel like running. (Do I ever feel like running on Monday? I don't know) I do intervals on Monday so I wanted to do that on the treadmill to control my pace, but it was such a beautiful day I didn't want to miss out on it completely so I decided to run the half mile to the gym with the stroller to warm up, then put George in the daycare and get my intervals done on the treadmill.  I even had a new summer running outfit to try out! 

I've never tried running in a skirt before, but a friend gave this to me so I thought I'd give it a try today since it was nice and warm. It was really comfortable and cool. I can't decide if I love it for running though. We'll see, I'll keep trying it.

The only problem with my plan was that the stroller had a flat tire. I knew I would have to change the inner tube because it looked like it was torn pretty badly. Luckily I found an old one just sitting around that just seemed to have one hole in it. 

The next problem was that I didn't have any patches, but hey, isn't that what duct tape is for? I think so! It sure seemed to do the trick anyway! We'll see how long it lasts. 

Now that I had the new tube ready, I had to sit and pull out all of the offending thorns. I counted about 15 of them, but the thing that really did the tire in was the half inch shard of glass I pulled out. Ouch. I felt bad for the poor tire just looking at that.

So I got that all fixed up, but then it took me forever to get the tire back on the wheel! ARG! Small tires are so hard to change! I almost gave up and just decided to drive to the gym, but it had become a point of principle to get it done so I stuck it out and finished the job. When I got it on I said, "yay, Mommy!" and Goeroge said, "yay, Mommy" right back! How nice. :)

It only took me about an hour to do all that stuff. But hey, what else was I doing? And off we went!

So, once I got to the gym, I was a little nervous to go through with my plan. I wanted to see if I could do one 8:00 mile. I knew that I'd done half a mile at that pace, or close to it, so I thought I'd give it a try. I just felt scared that I would fail, but finally told myself, "So what if you don't do it. You'll never know unless you try."

I have the hardest time with treadmills. I think it would be really good for my speed and consistency if I could just get used to running on them, but I still just feel like I'm going to fall off or just collapse, even at slower speeds. I did a slow warm up mile (10:57), then took a little break to get a drink and stretch before jumping into the fast "mile." 

I ended up doing half a mile in just over 8:00 pace. Then I stopped the treadmill, walked around, got a drink, and psyched myself up to finish the mile so even this doesn't count as a real timed mile. But oh well. I'll just consider it 2 half mile intervals. Sadly, I didn't feel like I could keep up the 8:00 pace so I finished the mile out a little slower. See what I mean? The treadmill just freaks me out!

It's kind of depressing that it almost took me 9:00. I thought I could do one mile faster than that since I can run 3 miles at 9:21. But, like I said, you never know until you try. I'd never really tried that before, and now I have a goal to work towards. I did another slower mile (10:40) to finish up, then got George and ran home. It was a beautiful day and I'm glad I got that stroller fixed and a great workout in!

Last, but not least, a cute picture of George to end my post. Love this boy! (can you tell where we are?)

10 miles + Climbing = Awesome Saturday!

 Last Saturday my 10 miler got postponed because of the rain (and me being a little bit of a baby about it), but I wasn't going to let that happen this week. Of course, George ended up waking up at the same time as my alarm so I wasn't able to sneak out of the house before he woke up. I hung around with him and we had breakfast while we waited for everyone else to wake up. Once the kids were up and watching TV, George was totally fine with me going. (Yeah, I'm such a good mom)

I started running and ouch! My leg was really hurting me! It wasn't just sore muscles, it seemed like something was wrong. It was weird. Before I even made it a block, I started thinking I should just go home and go back to bed. But no, I decided I should at least give it a mile to see if it went away once I got warmed up. I ran out a mile and back to the house for a bathroom stop and to grab my gel flask, and my leg felt fine by then so I decided to continue with my run.

I was kind of risking it because I didn't bring any water with me, just hoping that the drinking fountain at Memory Grove would be turned on by now. I figured, if it wasn't, I could turn around early and get a drink at the track then just add a mile or 2 on somewhere else. No biggie.

But, yay! The drinking fountain was on and it was a beautiful site! The bathrooms were also open which was just as beautiful! :)

So, my leg didn't feel hurt anymore, but my legs were still sore for pretty much the whole run, if that makes sense. I had kind of a hard time and stopped to walk twice when I got to steep hills.

But I finished my 10 miles, and that felt really good!

After a hot bath, taking Mindy to ballet and relaxing a little bit during George's nap time, we picked Mindy up and headed up to Ogden to Pete's friend John's house. He has been working on setting up climbing routes on some cliffs just behind his house. We left the kids at his house, and it was a good thing too because the hike up there was strenuous! I hadn't worn good shoes either. I was still wearing my recovery shoes which are just like slippers so they kept slipping off my food on the steep hike. But we made it just fine. The rock we climbed on was really cool. It was kind of just a big narrow slab jutting out of the ground. See the one of the left? The big one on the right is like that on the other side too. It was really cool rock with a lot of cracks and it was really fun to climb on. We just set up top rope and I got to do 2 of the routes, then it was time to head back before it got dark.

It was so beautiful up there and we just enjoyed being out there!

Here I am going up my second route. It was really fun! What a perfect day!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Run For Boston!

I don't want this to just be another post about Boston, but I really felt strongly about it so I wanted to write down a little bit of my thoughs and how it affected me though I'm having a hard time thinking what to even say so I'll just start at the beginning.

I woke up last Monday with just a little bit of excitment knowing that the Boston Marathon was going on. Even though I was in no way connected to that race, the thought of all those amazing runners getting together just made me smile. 

For a split second, the idea popped into my head to try and qualify for Boston this year so I could go with Shannon next year! 

I laughed and laughed at such a crazy idea! But when I thought about it seriously, I realized that, like most runners, I really do have a dream to qualify for Boston someday. I decided I would start running faster that day, and that I would do the SoJo Marathon again in October to see if I could redeem myself a little. Shannon's doing it since she got a free race entry along with winning our age group last year so it will be fun to do it with her again.

Ok, so I wanted to start running faster, but I didn't really feel good. I didn't want to go run. But then I thought about all those fast people out there running Boston, and it inspired me to put on some cute running clothes and head to the gym. I knew if I just got there and started running, I would feel better and be able to get a good workout even though I wasn't feeling it at the time. I did intervals on the indoor track which was a lot more fun than the intervals I did last week on the treadmil! I did a mile warm-up, then 8 x 4 laps fast/ 2 laps slow, and another cool down mile to total 5 miles. It was a great workout and I was so happy I went! 

After I went home and showered, I started thinking about trying to watch some of the marathon, but I wasn't able to find a website where it was streaming so I gave up. Not long after that, the tweets started coming in about the bombs. I just could not believe it. Who in the world would bomb the Boston Marathon?! I hoped everyone was ok, but soon found out that they were not. I just felt so sad and couldn't imagine how it would be to come in from running 26 miles to that! It's hard to express how I feltt. I heard a couple people say this later, and it helped me realize why I was so hurt. I kind of feel like my running family had been attacked. And I also couldn't stop thinking about how much I love the specators and the volunteers at the races I've done, and that they were the ones who were really hit the hardest. 

I know people think it's silly to get so upset about something that happened so far away that didn't even concern me when there are terrible things happening all around the world all the time. But I kind of feel like it did concern me and that it hit way too close to home even though it was on the other side of the country. It's hard to explain.

The next day, word was going around to wear a race shirt to support Boston. I couldn't find either of my marathon shirts,, so I grabbed the next best thing and wore that to Zumba. 

On Thursday I ran with my friend Shannon and she helped me do the fastest 4 miles I've done in a looooong time. It was so good to show me that, hey, I really can run faster than I have been running! I just need someone else to push me! It was also just really fun to run with her so I'm hoping to make it more of a regular thing for both of those reasons.

On Wednesday I found out that the Salt Lake Running Company was still looking for volunteers to help out at their aid station for the Sale Lake City Marathon on Saturday and I immediatly sent them an email saying that I wanted to help out. I just felt like I needed to do something to show support for sport I love and the family that had been attacked, and this was the perfect thing for that. Then I decided that I would just run 10 miles home afterwards for my long run so it would be even more perfect! Shannon also found out that day that she and her husband were registered for the half so I was excited to be able to see them there too!

Saturday morning came, and it was raining. A lot. I arrived at the spot at about 5:45 and immediatly started to help carry gallon jugs of water from the parking lot down below, up to the road where the tables were set up. At first we were just pulling the jugs out of the boxes and carrying them up 4 at a time, then one of the ladies got her car and we started loading the boxes into her trunk, then unloading them at the tables so we were getting a pretty good workout and staying nice and warm. I really didn't plan on so much manual labor going into this! :)

Once we got the water all up there, we set up a lot of cups, half with water, half with poweraid. I heard that there were 1,000 people doing the full marathon and 3,000 doing the half. We kind of didn't think that many people would be stopping at mile 2, but we had to be prepaired if they did.

Looks pretty wet and gloomy, hu?

Once we got everything set up, we just had to wait. This is when we started getting cold. My feet were totally soaked, and despite all my layers, I was shivering and really wishing for some waterproof gloves and boots instead of my running shoes! It was fun talking to the other volunteers, though, and feeling a little bit of the race excitment. We also pinned on yellow and blue ribbons to remember Boston.

Like my mis-matched gloves? I was styin' with 3 jackets, a cap, a beanie, a hood and my volunteer t-shirt on top!

Once the runners started getting to us, they came and went very quickly! As you can imagine at mile 2, everyone was still grouped together pretty tightly, and a lot of people did choose to take our water/poweraid. It was so much fun! Totally worth getting up early and getting soaked for. I saw a couple familure faces in the crowd, but I never saw Shannon because there were just so many people and I was really busy grabbing cups and yelling out "Poweraid!"

It was craziness for about half an hour, then we were done, packed up the garbage and said goodbye.

It was still raining hard, and I was having second thoughts about running my 10 miles home because my gloves and socks/shoes were totally soaked and I was cold. But after sitting in the car with the heater on my feet for a few minutes, I decided I still wanted to do it. I knew it would be a fun run, mostly downhill, and that I wouldn't want to run later so I just jumped back out into the pouring rain and started running.

It was a really fun run, and having the rain just made me want to run that much faster to get home to a hot bath that much sooner.

I decided to just run home instead of adding 3 miles on to make it 10 so when I got to the drinking fountain at the track at 5 miles, I just got a drink and didn't take my gel. I kind of wished I had later, though, because my stomach was growling by the time I got home!

This is when I stopped at the highschool track to get a drink and stand under a roof for a few minutes. It was hard to dive back out into the rain, but I only had 2 miles to get home so I did it, and I did it fast!

It was a good run for me! That nice downhill combined with the rain really helped me run faster! While 10:14 min/mile pace isn't super fast, it was a lot faster then I 've been doing, especially on my long runs, so I was excited! :) 

I was so wet and glad to be done when I got home. I will do 10 miles next week.

Monday I went and did a 5k Run For Boston at the Salt Lake Running Company with my friend Amber. It was awesome to see how many people showed up. The run was free, but the shirts were $20 and all the money is going to help the victems of the Boston bombing. They raised almost $20,000! Isn't that amazing!?

I couldn't help but cry during the National Anthem before we left. Then I just tried to push the pace as hard as I could. It was really fun to try and run fast and to run with all those people. I felt so great at the beginning, and remember seeing my pace just under 8:00 on my garmin and thinking, "I can keep this up!" Unfortunatly, I couldn't quite keep it up. My pace kept creeping closer and closer to 10:00 by the end, but I kept reminding myself that I did 3 of those miles with Shannon at 9:30 so I could at least do that again! I finished in 28:23 which is a 9:21 average so I was happy with that!

I love the running community here so much! It was so great to see some many people come out to support our brothers and sisters over in Boston and wherever else those who were hurt came from!

Oh, and also, guess who got potty trained this weekend!? (Best baby ever!)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Viva Las Vegas - The Food

Ah finally, the long awaited post about what and where we ate in Vegas! This is very important as it was possibly our favorite part of the trip!

It's hard to decide on something like that though, I mean the rock climbing was awesome and it was so nice just to relax and spend time together period, but the food...

I'll just start at the beginning. We arrived at our hotel at just about dinner time and we were tired from our 7 hour drive so we didn't really feel like going out somewhere to find a restaurant. Instead we decided to explore the hotel/casino a little and eat at one of their restaurants. The Yard House had the best reviews on Yelp so we went there.

I got the mac and cheese (which had bacon and chicken and mushrooms...mmm, it was really good!) and Pete had the Jambalya which he enjoyed. We were pretty satisfied with this place. It is a sports bar so you have to go into it expecting it to be kind of crowded and noisy, but we were ok with that.

Friday was our first full day and we just went strait to Whole Foods where we got big, expensive green juices from their juice bar, some Cinnamon rolls and some snacks to take with us out to Red Rock Canyon. We had an awesome day and just basically snacked for lunch. By the time we got back to town, we were hungry and it was dinner time so we didn't even stop at the hotel, we went in search of the famous Thai restaurant: Lotus or Siam. I had amazing reviews so we had to try it.

I ordered this soft shell crab salad that had cabbage and peanuts and the most amazing sauce that I wish I could have eaten more of. It was SO spicy! I have never eaten anything so spicy in my entire life. My first bite, I got a bit of everything, including a lot of the sauce and I thought I was going to die! And, as you can see, I didn't have rice with it.

Luckily, Pete's dish arrived shortly after, and I stuffed a bunch of his rice in my mouth. I think I drank 3 glasses of water, along with more of Pete's rice as I worked on eating my dinner. I was able to eat most of it, just not what was sitting in the sauce. It was really good despite the heat and I'm glad I was brave and ate it anyway. At the end, the waiter was really nice and brought me a small cup of Thai ice tea which has cream in it, and that helped a ton! It was really good too.

One complaint I had about this place was that the service was really slow, but it was really busy and we were seated by two pretty large parties, so maybe it's not always like that. The fact that we were able to get into such a place on a Friday night with only a 30 minute wait was a plus though.

The other down side was that it was just freezing in there! It wasn't too hot outside, but most people there (including me) were dressed in summery clothes so I thought it was an oversight to have it that cold in there. Even with my jacket on and the spiciest food on the planet in my mouth, I was still shivering and I was happy to get outside when we were done.

Saturday morning, after my run, we wanted to take it easy so we decided to find breakfast at the hotel. We wanted to go to The Grand Cafe which had the best reviews for breakfast, but there was a huge line for that so we decided to go try out the breakfast at the pool Sandbar Grill instead. They didn't have a big selection for breakfast, but a breakfast burrito sounded just right for me after a long run anyway so that's what I got. We also got some expensive drinks that probably were not worth the $13 we paid for them, but hey we were lounging at the pool, you're supposed to order drinks!

Unfortunately, we were not impressed with the food here at all. My burrito just had eggs and potatoes in it. What kind of breakfast burrito is that?! It did it's job and filled me up quickly which was good since Pete's breakfast sandwich did not fill him up so I was able to give him half of mine.

For dinner, we got dressed up and went to Spago by Wolfgang Puck. It is located in Ceasar's Palace near the forum shops. I called ahead to ask where to park and they told me to just go to the valet and that it was complimentary. Nice! So, after some terrible traffic, we managed to get to the valet totally late for our reservation, only to find out we were supposed to go to a different valet to get to Spago! Well, we weren't going to try and fight traffic on the strip again (not fun!) so we opted to walk through the casino. How big can it be anyway, right? Hahaha, right. It took a lot of walking and asking around to find the place, and I was seriously regretting not breaking in my shoes beforehand.

Once we found the restaurant, though, everything was smooth sailing!

They had held our table for us, since I had called ahead and told them about the bad traffic, and they took us right to it. We told them right away that we wanted to do the tasting menu so from there on out we just got to sit back and let them wow us. It was the fanciest restaurant I've ever been in. We spent a few weeks worth of grocery money for it, but it was the best, most amazing food experience I've ever had! The meal took us about 3 hours, but we never felt bored. We felt so pampered and they just kept delighting us with the next little dish. We decided to just sit back and enjoy it and not take pictures which makes it hard to tell you about anything, because I have a terrible memory. I wouldn't do it justice trying to describe it anyway. Here's the one picture we took of the dessert. It was amazing. Everything was so amazing. There wasn't a single dish that they brought us that we didn't love. We were super impressed and can not wait to save up and go back!

Here I am admiring the amazing man who made this food experience possible. Thank you Wolfgang Puck! (Haha, this was actually just a card with his picture on it that Pete held up when he took the picture!)

Here's the man I really love and enjoyed spending the evening, and the last 12 years with so much! (We were celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary, a few weeks late). We weren't really trying to take a picture of that family behind us, but of the mirrors so you can kind of see what the room was like. It was very elegant.

We finished dinner at about 11, then walked around the forum shops for an hour before heading back out to the valet to get our car. Oh, well guess what, that valet closes at midnight so we had just missed it. They told us we had to go down to the other valet (where we were supposed to go in the first place, but where they told us we could not pick up our car. So confusing!) My feet were hurting so much from walking around in my brand new heels, so I told Pete I would just sit there want wait while he ran and got the car. I had to sit for a long time because it took him a while to even find the place, then of course he had to get back through the traffic to pick me up. I really should have just gone with him. I felt kind of weird sitting there on the Las Vegas strip, in a nice dress, all by myself in the middle of the night. I really didn't feel unsafe, there were so many people around, but you know...

I did get to watch the billboard movie about Shania Twain about a million times so now whenever I hear "I Feel Like A Woman" I will think of that night. :)

Pete and I ended up finding each other and making it home just fine, feeling super happy about our wonderful evening and ready to take on the world the next day!

Sunday morning we went in search of a new breakfast place, again looking to Yelp, and found Rachel's Kitchen. It's just a small place and we got to sit outside on their patio. They had green juice for a much better price than Whole Foods and we were really happy to be able to get that!

They also had delicious food! I got something, I think it was called The Favorite, with eggs and goat cheese and it was really good, but we both fell in love with Pete's French Toast! We ended up coming back here for breakfast every day for the rest of our stay (2 more days), and I got the french toast both times along with my green juice to balance it out. :)

We pretty much just snacked for lunch while we were climbing, got smoothies when we got back to the hotel, then we went to Saffron Flavors of India for dinner. We didn't take any pictures here. This place was dead, I guess everyone else was at Easter Dinner. 

The curry was really good, nothing better than what we normally get in Salt Lake, but they had the best naan we'd ever tasted! I was sad I wasn't able to eat all my curry since we couldn't save our left-overs like I would normally love to do!

Monday, we spent the day at the hotel (after our run to Rachel's Kitchen of course, plus some shopping), and since we had like the Field House so much, we decided to go back there for lunch. I had a BBQ chicken salad and it was delicous!  

After spending the day relaxing and going to the spa, we got dressed up and went out for one more expensive dinner.

We went to a Brazilan churrascaria steakhouse called Fogo de Chao. It was really good. I haven't been eating as much meat as I used to, especially red meat, so I really was only able to taste a little bit of each kind of meat, but they were all really delicious. Our favorite thing was the little cheese rolls they kept bringing out to us. Oh how I could not stop eating them! We also tried their signature desert, the Papaya Cream, which was very good.

One more trip to Rachel's Kitchen for us on Tuesday morning, then it was time to head home. Oh, and we at the The Pizza Factory in Cedar City for lunch. It was nice to finally spend less than $30 on a meal! :)

We had such a great time, and are already trying to figure out when we can go back! I would highly recommend any of these restaurants to you if you have a trip to Vegas in the future! Happy dining!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Viva Las Vegas - Red Rock Canyon

First thing Friday morning, we went to the nearby Whole Foods where we bought some snacks, some green juice and cinamon rolls then headed out to the Red Rock Canyon. It was so beautiful!

It was the perfect day. Sunny, but with a slight breeze and the blue sky was so amazing.

Notice how this rock I'm about to climb on is gray, while the rock we started out at was very red? Yeah, we parked at the wrong parking area and did a LOT of hiking and asking around before finding the wall we wanted to climb on called "Wake-up Wall." We enjoyed the hiking, though, and I'm glad we stuck with it and finally found this spot!

I think we did 3 routes, then were ready to head home since we hadn't packed enough food and water to be out there as long as it ended up taking us to get there. On the last route, I decided I would try to clean it, but I had never done that before so when I got up there it took me a while. I was standing on a ledge and had great hand holds, but I think that may have made it more scary because I felt like that was all I had even though I had clipped into the chain twice. I was shaking like crazy the whole time! I don't know if I've ever been so scared my whole life! Pete was very patient and talked me through everthing, but I was too scared to rapel down which was the original plan because it's easier on the rope. He ended up lowering me down like usual after I untied the rope, fed it through the chains, and tied it back onto my harness - all while standing on a cliff 50 feet in the air!

I was happy that I had done it, but I was still shaking when I got down and I was kind of glad it was time to leave. We enjoyed our short hike back to the parking lot where Pete took this cool panarama.

Saturday was my long run. I was supposed to do 8 miles, but since my last long run was 2 weeks ago and went so badly, I decided to stick with 7 miles. I ran out towards the canyon for 3.5 miles, then turned around and ran back to our lovely hotel. It was a beautiful run, overcast with a nice breeze blowing. It was kind of hard running out because it was mostly a slight uphill, but the run back felt good!

I loved looking at this the whole way out.

My 3.5 mile turn-around point happened to be right at this sign.

I saw a ton of cyclists out there. It made me wish we had brought our bikes, it looked like a fun ride!

We took the rest of Saturday off to relax and eat some amazing food (more on that in the next post).

Our Easter Sunday was a lot different than usual. When we booked this trip, we didn't realize it would be over Easter weekend, we just thought we were getting a really good deal! I really missed seeing the kids hunt for eggs, going to church and having a big dinner with the family, but we still had great time! After a delicious breakfast at Rachel's Kitchen, we headed out for some more climbing at "Wake Up Wall."

We were all excited because this time we knew where to park so we could just get right to our climbing spot. but then the pull-out we were supposed to park at was totally full! We drove up to the next one which was at least a mile and a half up a hill that wound around the canyon. It took us quite a while to walk down to the parking lot, then hike out to our spot. As we were walking down, we saw all these little white things on the bushes, and when we took a took a closer look we saw that they were all filled with caterpillars. I had to take a picture to show Ethan.

We only ended up doing 2 routes this time. I was still feeing really scared when we did the first easy route so I went up it 4 times in a row which made me feel a lot more comfortable. My hip was kind of hurting so I told Pete that I was done, but that I would be happy to belay him as much as he wanted. Of course, once he got up the next one, I wanted to do it too! When he got down he went over everything I needed to do to clean the route and rapel down again, and I went for it. When I got to the top, I really wanted him to just lower me like usual, but he had me just hang out there for a little while until I felt more comfortable.

That did help. It was so scary! But I DID IT!

I felt so happy after I accomplished that scary thing that I didn't think I could do! And I did feel a little more comfortable than the time before so I felt like it was a good improvement.

Now we got to walk back to the car. This time we had to walk uphill for a long time. We were glad for the wind (that I didn't love when I was a the top of the cliff, btw!) so it wasn't too hot and we just enjoyed being out there and being together. When we got to where we could see the parking lot, we were so tired and sick of walking so I suddenly decided to run! We ran the last 2 little turns up the hill to the parking lot, backpacks and all! That was not easy, but it was fun and what a sence of accomplishment we had when we got there!

What a great day! We only ended up climbing 2 of our days there, but we still had a great time! Next time we'll be in better shape. And there will be a next time!

Viva Las Vegas - The Red Rock Resort

Thursday morning, my awesome sister came over to watch the kids so Pete and I could head down to Las Vegas! 

It's about a 7 hour drive from Salt Lake, but we had a great time just talking, stopping for donuts in Lehi and sandwiches in Provo that were really yummy! Also listening to a book on Prion desease. We're so exciting, aren't we?

We stayed at the Red Rock Hotel which is not on the strip so it's not like how you normally picture Vegas. It's actually in a really nice part of town with big houses crowded together and shopping centers. Plus it's only 7 miles from the mouth of the Red Rock Canyon so that was a major bouns!

Here I am checking in.

 The lobby was beautiful!

 Cool red doors at the entrance to the hotel.

The check-in desk.

Here's the view from our hotel room. Pete and I both kept feeling like we were at the beach becaue of all palm trees and the sand. Just no water. And no beach smell.

Our room was so beautiful and comfortable. 

We loved our bathroom and the tub was huge!

Here's Pete at the pool where we had breakfast and hung out all day on Satruday while taking a rest from hiking and climbing. It was so relaxing!

On Monday, our last day there, we found out that they were having 30% off at the spa so we decided to try out the hot stone massages which were amazing, especially since my legs were pretty sore from the previous days' running/hiking/climbing. We loved the spa and will definitely be returning! They had hot tubs with a cold plunge, a rain shower, a sauna and steam room in each of the locker rooms. This is the spa pool which was really nice and relaxing even though the sun didn't cooperate and come out for us much this day.