Monday, August 31, 2009

Unplanned hair-cuts

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging lately. It's really hard without a computer to stay up to date with all my emails and twitter and facebook, AND write in my blog. I had an awesome weekend, we went camping, Pete and I did the Bear Lake Classic Triathlon, and I turned 29! I'll try to post more details about the race when I have more time.

Today, I was busy trying to get the house cleaned up from our busy weekend, and Ethan and Elle were playing nicely downstairs. Or so I thought. They came up, and started playing in their room where I was cleaning, and I didn't notice anything until Ethan says, "Elle got a haircut!"

I was scared to look. As soon as I looked at her, though I started crying. I'm amazed I didn't hit that boy because the top of her hair was totally cut off. Her cute little, curly pony-tail, everything, all cropped close to her head.

I grabbed him and put him in time-out in the corner for 10 minutes saying, "My babies beautiful hair! What made you think that would be ok?!?!" Poor Elle started crying when she saw my reaction, and I reassured her (and myself) that it would grow back, and she's been saying that all day now.

I called Pete and tried to get myself calmed down. Then I put her in the tub and assessed the damage. It was pretty bad. there was really no way around cutting the rest of her hair to match. So now, she's got a nice little hair-cut like this:

Ethan, of course, wanted in on the action too so, when I got done fixing Elle up, I buzzed his hair. There was just hair all over! I kept finding little curls downstairs too. Sad. :(

I showed Mindy when we picked her up from school, and she didn't say much at first, but then after we had been riding our bikes home for a little while she started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she liked Elles hair curly. I told her I knew how she felt and that I cried too, but that it would grow back and that we needed to try to make Elle feel good about it.

She could be mistaken for a boy from the back if she was ever not wearing a dress (which is pretty rare), but her head just looks so little now. It's pretty cute. And her little face. And she's just the same unbelievably cute girl as she was before so I guess the curls weren't the only things she had going for her. :)

It seems like every family's got to go through this at some point.


  1. Oh! Oh, so sad! I feel like crying just thinking about it! I'm sure she's just as cute as ever, though, because she is beautiful :)

  2. She is still very beautiful, and now you can see her slender little neck. it's very cute. Though for some reason it's even more pathetic when she cries.