Friday, June 8, 2012

Half Marathon Hopes and Dreams

The Utah Valley Marathon is tomorrow! I'm running the half with 2 friends and my sister, and I'm really excited! I have a few goals. I honestly don't know how realistic they are since my long runs have mostly been half uphill and this race is mostly downhill except the last 3 miles or so where it flattens out.


A: Finish in 2 hour or less!

B: Finish in less than last year (2:12)

C. Finish the race and HAVE FUN

I'm really going to try not to get depressed if I don't meet my A goal. Like I said, I really don't know how realistic it is. I'm really excited to put myself to the test and see what I can do! I totally should be able to do it faster than last year. I feel like I'm in so much better shape, plus I haven't had any injuries and I 'm not sick today so that should help. Mostly, I'm doing this race for fun so I need to remember to have fun!

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