Saturday, September 29, 2012

Site Review:

Recently, the kind people at offered to send me some of their merchandise in return for a review of their site. It is a family owned and operated store that specializes in swimming and swim training gear.

Yeah, actually that was 3 months ago. Here's what happened...

Soon after they first contacted me, I went onto their site and very easily found some swim fins and ordered them. They have an option to pay with check or money order so I thought that was pretty cool and unique.

I was impressed with how quickly my order shipped, and that they sent me an email when it did so I knew what was going on. My fins arrived within a day or two, but there was one problem: my hands were still recovering from my fall so I wasn't able to test them out right away. And, for some reason, I ordered extra large. They were too big, but at first I thought this would be ok since they didn't seem too crazy big. Well, when I finally took them to the pool, I realized that it really would be a problem. My ankles were sore for the rest of the day because of how badly they were pulling on my feet.

I emailed my contact, Julie, from AquaGear and told her I had opened the fins and tried them out, but that they were too big. She got back to me very quickly and said that it would be fine for me to exchange them even though they'd been opened. Awesome!

Then, me being me, I didn't get around to mailing them back for a loooong time. I blame it on me being at the peak of my Utah Half training, but that's really no excuse. Then Julie emailed me to check and see if I'd sent the fins back or not. This helped give me the push to get them sent out!

When I finally sent them back, they actually called me to tell me that they were sold out of the size I had requested, and they wanted to see what else they could do for me. Unfortunately, I got this as a voicemail and never called them back. Lame.

Another month went by while I did nothing about the situation. Again, Julie emailed me to see what I wanted to do. She suggested some other fins I could try so I picked the Speedo Short Blade Training Fins, let her know which ones I wanted and before I knew it I had some new fins on my porch!

I just have to say, their customer service was amazing! I would have totally let this order slide, but they made it so easy for me to make the exchange. And even after all my neglectfulness, they did not let me fall through the cracks! Thank you AquaGear. :)

Another month went by before I finally got to the pool again to try out my new fins since by now I had finished Utah Half and have been enjoying sleeping in in the mornings. Well, today I finally went and put them to the test. I really like these fins. I'm used to the regular sized fins they have at the pool, and these short ones feel a lot more natural and don't pull on my ankles as much. It did hurt a little bit on one foot, but that might have been because my foot was already sore from running 20 miles yesterday (more on that later). I think they will work great and I'm excited to skip the fish-fins-out-of-the-basket routine whenever I go to the pool now!

The one complaint I had with the site was that I saw no easy way to look at shampoo from their category links even though I could find it if I searched for it so I knew it was there. I told them about this, and the next time I looked at the site, there were a bunch more categories listed including "personal care." I thought that was really nice that they listened to my suggestion, and it's really nice to just be able to look at all the shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. at the same time.

I would totally recommend this site to anyone looking for swim training gear.

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