Thursday, September 30, 2010

Go Green

I so want to go green.

I'm not talking about a green Earth, though I do try to recycle and ride my bike whenever I can. I'm talking about being part of Team Trakkers. They are accepting applications for their team right now. I actually applied last year, but didn't say anything because they shut me down the day after I sent in my application. I really want to apply again this year. Is that crazy?

Why I want to Join

Sonja (who's on her way to Kona!), Michelle, Megan, James, Kelly, Sherry, and Carol are all people I stalk - I mean follow on Twitter, and they all belong, or did belong, to this really cool triathlon team along with pros like Amanda Lovato and Mary-Beth Ellis. These people are super fast and inspiring! They're my triathlon heros, and I couldn't even imagine how awesome it would be to be on the same team as them! They are all super nice and really supportive, and did I mention fast?

Another reason I'm looking for a team to join is that I don't really know that many triathletes. I wish I had a friend in town that I could train with. I do have Pete's aunt, Heather, who I'm going to try and talk into doing Ironman St. George with me in 2012, and she's great! She does live about half an hour away, though, and both of us are super busy. That puts a damper on things.

Is This High School Again?

I seriously feel like I'm in high school again, and I'm thinking about trying out for cheerleading again, even though I've been turned down twice, or auditioning for the upcoming musical even though I've only ever been an extra or in the choir. I really want to do it, but I don't know if I can handle the rejection. I mean, what do I have to offer them? What is it about me that stands out above others, and what makes me an ideal sponsored athlete for Team Trakkers? (seriously, this is one of the questions on the application)

The other day (before Mindy broke her arms and I was able to stop thinking about tri-related stuff for a minute), I posted this on Twitter:

I want to apply to Team Trakkers again, but don't think I could handle the rejection.
I know you're thinking, "how could a triathlon team turn down a slow pregnant lady from Utah?" but crazier things have happened! :)

And these are the responses I got:
@jamesonbull: You'd be surprised. The pregnant/mom factor on #TeamTrakkers is pretty high.

me: what about slow pregnant moms?

@jamesonbull: Slow pregnant triathlete moms get bonus points.
@IronmanSherry: I did my first Rev3 Race preggers in Trakkers green:)
@IronmanSherry: Apply dammit. Just sayins!

That just made me feel good and they pretty much talked me into applying.

Here I go!

... or maybe I should wait until next year when I won't have a brand new baby and I'll be Ironman training again... What do you guys think?


  1. I've already spoken my piece, but I hope that the comparison to cheerleaders is in the best way possible!

    Sure, the lady Trakkers are all freakin smoking hot, but are not also really friendly and wicked smaht. Not at all like the typical cheerleader stereotype.

    Family (and participating heavily in social media) are huge parts of the team. The trakkers product is all about sharing the glory of racing with the people that love and support you.

    Good luck!

  2. Hey go for it! I get annoyed when people say no so it motivates me more to reach my goals. If getting on the team is your goal then don't give up. If you want to hear a great interview with Mirinda Carfrae, the current 70.3 World Champ and other top triathletes for motivation please visit

  3. I applied to. Just wanted to wish you GOOD LUCK.. preggo triathlete mom. You rock!!!