Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Elle's 5th Birthday

My baby girl turned 5 last week. We had such a fun day on Saturday to celebrate. We went to the zoo in the morning with my dad and my sister. It was so much fun!

We got to see one of the 5 tigers really close and in the water so that was really cool!

The kids love the tiger statues almost as much as the real tigers.

We rode the marry-go-round and the train.

And some wooden horses...

We saw the bird show, and even though we've seen it a million times. This one was a particularly exciting one though. One of the macaws landed on the bald eagle and they had a little tuffel. It was crazy, but luckily neither of them got hurt!

After the zoo we came home and grilled hamburgers then got ready for the party.

We had like 10 4-5 year olds over, most of them girls since it was a princess party!

Crazy was about the only word to describe it.

And (drumroll...) THE CAKE:

Elle couldn't have had a better birthday and I think she was very happy! Thank you to everyone who came!

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