Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Photo Update

Well! This summer has just flown by, hasn't it? I can't believe it's almost over and I haven't really posted since May! So here's a quick photo update of what we've been doing this summer:

We started the summer off going to a lot of parks! George and I would go swing almost every day! His favorite thing! He would have underdogs all day every day if he had it his way! Then it got hot, hot, hot so we haven't been as much since May.

Here's a hike we did up Rock Canyon that was really cool, but also hot!

This is just after the end of school program. I told George to look happy... :) And I know I'm missing Ethan, but this was the best I got.

Here I am after the program. I am LOVING my new wardrobe options! (especially in this heat... did I mention it's been hot?)

I have also been loving my new running group!! Along with running together in the valley and supporting each other as we train for the half marathon, they have introduced me to trail running!

This is Muler Park in Bountiful and it was my first real experience with trail running. It. Was. Stunning! And so hard! They left me in the dust, and I ended up walking a lot of the way up. But the way down was super fun!

We went camping up above Heber for Memorial Day weekend. Again, so, so beautiful!

We finally got out and explored the Salt Flats one Sunday, which was really COOL!

 The girls performed in A Midsummer Night's Dream for their ballet spring gala. So much fun!

Here's another trail run we did up above City Creek. We started out when it was still dark so we got to see the moon over the city.

 It was SO hard, but SO gorgeous!

We went and played at the beach at the little lake in the Daybreak community with some friends and loved the nice sand there!

Me and Mindy.

 Our friends brought Stand Up Paddle Boards so we got to try that out. I am in love!

Mindy danced at the Utah Art's Festival!

 We 3 girls became obsessed with Henna tattoos at the festival! So fun! I was sad when my mermaid faded...

I have been riding my bike a little bit too! Here's a shot from one of my rides just outside the city where the sky decided to be really cool for me.

 Mindy has been working hard in ballet all summer long! She's been going 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 9am to 2pm every day. I'm so impressed with her hard work and dedication! This was during an adagio at her class showing after the first 2 weeks.

We spent the 4th of July at Deer Creek Reservoir with my sister, Katie, and her friends. They were nice enough to pull us around behind their boat and give the girls the time of their lives! George just liked playing in the sand...

More running! Drinking a lot of water and sweating a lot! This has been one hot summer!

We've gone to Seven Peaks water park several times to keep cool.

Another way we're keeping cool is by heading to the mountains (at least) once a week. We found this lake at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon called Silver Lake that has a really easy hike (mostly a board walk) surrounding it so it was perfect for all the kids. And just beautiful!

(Note to self: next time we're shopping for beds, just look at rocks)

 The family at Silver Lake.

We had a 4 day family reunion in Heber so Pete and I took the opportunity to ride together up a freaking mountain while we were there! It was so awesome. We saw a lot of lizards sunning themselves on the hot, hot road, and some muddy moose tracks wandering from a puddle into the road. This road was a cyclists dream come true - nicely paved and wide, but with very little traffic.

And a beautiful view! ( It was a little too scary for me coming back down, though. I need to practice more.)

I also got to run in the Red Ledges golf course while we were in Heber, and it was so beautiful! (Do I sound like a broken record? Seriously, I can't get enough of Utah lately!) The stark contrast between the desert and the greens was really cool. (I think I counted 8 bunnies while out there, there are some sitting on the green in this picture, if you can see them)

The cement path through this new golf course was pristine and wide with some steep rolling hills to give me a nice challenge.

And of course more running! Last week was really fun because I split my 17 mile in two and ran with one friend and a dog for the first 7, then these two for the last 10.  Friends help the miles go by SO much faster!

 They helped me run really fast too!

I am going to work on posting more (once a week maybe?), but if you're dying for more you can always go check out my instagram feed which I am much better about posting to on a regular basis.

You will find a lot of these photos there, but not all of them, and many more! :)

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