Thursday, July 31, 2014

18 mile Run + Paddleboard Weekend

This weekend was really great.

I ran 18 miles by myself!!

Running solo was a huge difference from last week when I ran with 3 friends and had someone with me the entire 17 miles.

We even did the last 10 miles, up City Creek and back, with an average pace of 9:54!

That is amazing for me, especially at the end of 17 miles! It was seriously so much fun too!

 My knee was feeling pretty sore by the end of the run, but it felt better by Tuesday when I wipped out a nice slow 9 miler. No big deal. :)

This Saturday my running friends were too busy to escort me on my long run again so I decided to listen to podcasts to take place of the fun chatting we did last week. This worked pretty well. Obviously it wasn't as fun as having friends with me, but it did help the time pass more quickly. I stuck to the Jordan River Parkway, with the hopes of not having a sore knee again. It worked! My knee didn't hurt at all, but by the last 3 or 4 miles, my legs were just sore in general and the bottoms of my feet were feeling pretty tender. That's pretty normal though, so I was happy that's all the pain I had! I was really sore afterwards so I took an ice bath and then pretty much just laid in bed most of the day. Luckily my awesome dad came and took the kids to a movie so I didn't feel quite so neglectful!

Sunday I felt SO much better! My legs were hardly sore at all, it was pretty much just the bottoms of my feet that still felt kind of raw. My feet seriously need to toughen up already!

I was glad I felt so much better because I needed my mountain fix.

We ended up driving down and meeting some friends at Payson Lakes. It was really cool because this was somewhere we had never been before, and this is also the canyon we'll be running the Nebo Half Marathon down in a few months. It is going to be so beautiful!

The little lake we hung out at was so perfect. It's just a small lake, surrounded by mountains and so peaceful. Our friends brought their stand up paddleboards so we got to use those and I paddled to the other side of the lake and back twice - once with Pete and once with Heidi.

Standing on those really made me realize that I was still a little sore because it really uses your core muscles to ballance and paddle. It was so much fun, we are considering getting some for ourselves!

The kids had a blast too!

On the way home, we stopped and did a little hike farther down the canyon to The Grotto which was really cool!

We got home super late, but it was worth it!

Mondy morning I got up when my alarm went off, but my feet still felt more sore than I would have liked to run on, and I was so tired! So I just went back to bed. Someone even took this picture of me after breakfast...

I figured I'd get to swim during George and Elle's lessons so that would be good. But George refused to go to his class, so I ended up just taking him out and getting us both showered without swimming. Bummer!

Tuesday and Wednesday I ended up taking him to the gym daycare so I could swim while Elle did her lessons, and that was really nice, but today (Thursday) I was able to get him to join his class because it was the last day and they were going to get to play for half the time. Yay!

Tuesday I also ran while Ethan did his bike class so I got to run somewhere I've never ran before so that was kind of fun. I did about 6 miles, and my legs felt pretty sore/tired by the end! Also, the bottom of my heel started to hurt really bad after that. It kind of felt like a bad bruise or a knot, but it also made me really worried becuase that's about where my stress fracture was that I got when I did the St. George Marathon last time.

I told myself not to panic, though. After all, I still have 9 weeks until the marathon so I have time to take a week or so off running (but hopefully it won't be more than that!). It was still really sore yesterday, but I iced it a couple times, and it felt much better this morning! Whew! I'm going to still be careful about it, though, and proabably not run until Monday.

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