Thursday, September 24, 2009

High Speed Chases

I haven't had a computer very much lately, hence the lower post count. I also haven't been doing very much worth blogging about, though I'm sure you'd all love to hear about me canning 12 quarts of apple pie filling...

Last week Pete was in Chicago for work all week, so I couldn't write about the awesome workouts I did.


One of the days I went to the track at the gym for a tempo run. I did one mile in 10 minutes to warm up, then I ran 3 more miles and tried to keep my pace at 9-minute/mile. The good news is that I was able to do this! I finished the 3 miles in 26:47! I did one more lap to make it a 5k in 27:45! Not bad, I must say.

The bad news is that my heart rate was high for the first mile (like 173), and it just kept getting higher until it maxed out at 183. It stayed around there until the end. How do I get my heart used to running faster??

I ran another mile to cool down, making it a total of 5 miles in 46:45.

Great running day.

Spin Class

Last Thursday I went to spin class at the gym. I haven't been since I started getting into longer training times for Ironman. I love spin class. That was how I started training for my first triathlon 5 years ago, and it helped me out A LOT. It was where I learned correct form and cadence for cycling, but it was also where I learned how to keep going even when it's hard and it hurts. This is what spin class is good for. This has helped me in swimming, biking, running, walking, and whatever else life throws at you.

This time was no different. It was hard! I got my heart rate way higher than on the road or on the trainer. I had to work hard, and it was fun to have those other people working with me and someone to tell me what to do. I really liked it, and when it was over, I stayed for yoga. I've wanted to do this before, but with both Ethan and Elle in the daycare, another hour was $4. This time it was $4 for 2 hours! Alright! Yoga was nice, and I know I could use it. I decided this would be my new Thursday routine.

This week

I haven't been feeling well the past few days so I already broke my new Thursday Spin/Yoga Routine, but I did go running on Monday with Elle in the double running stroller. Running hasn't made my legs sore for a while, but that sure did it! I hate running with the stroller, but you do what you gotta do. I also know that biking with Elle in the bike trailer helped make me faster on the bike, so maybe the stroller will do the same thing for my running. What do you think?

I also ran on Tuesday. I hadn't planned on running. I had actually planned on riding my bike, but then Elle fell asleep on the way home from Walmart just when I wanted to go ride, and I decided to just let her have a nice nap in her bed instead. Later that evening, Pete put on the new Muse album. How could I not want to go running when I hear that? As soon as the first song comes on, I want to be running RIGHT NOW!

I ran almost the same route for the same amount of time as Monday, but I was able to get further without the bulky stroller. I also saw a high speed chase involving a go-cart and a police car on the bike path. Ok, so it wasn't that high speed, but I did think the go-cart could have slowed down a little when they passed me, and I was able to point the policeman in the right direction when he asked me about a "motorized vehicle" on the path. I will probably never know what that was all about.


  1. Love your new header (and tagline)! As far as the tri training goes, keep up the great work! You're my hero :)

  2. Thanks, Rachel! Glad you like the new header, I hemmed and hawed about it for a while last night.