Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Ah, nothin' like a nice ride in the wind.

I had planned on taking Elle out in the bike trailer today, but then Pete was working from home so I was able to go by myself. I was glad I didn't have her too because it was really windy!

The way out was really fun, I thought the breeze felt good, and I was so excited because I was going 23-25 mph most of the way. I was like, "Wow, this is awesome!" But then I realized it was the wind helping me. I knew it would hurt me on the way back, but I didn't anticipate it being as bad as it was. I had to really push it as hard as I could to get to back to the school in time to pick the kids up. There's nothing like picturing your little boy's sad face when you're late to pick him up from school to get you working harder! It was a hard ride, but it was really fun to just get out and see how fast I could go. And I got to the school just before the bell rang!

On the way out, my average speed was 20.6 mph, but by the end it was down to like 16. I'm amazed it wasn't lower because I was going 10-12 mph most of the way back. It sure was windy.

Total miles: 29

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