Monday, November 1, 2010


I tried to go running again on Thursday. I went about 2 miles, and maybe ran 1.

After less than half a mile I started to get that side ache/belly pain and had to stop and walk. I had asked my doctor about this pain and she said it was fine as long as it goes away when I stop and walk. She asked me if the pain felt like contractions, and I wasn't sure. I still wasn't quite sure while it was happening, but my belly did feel a little harder and it sure did hurt. I decided there was no point in trying to run if this keeps happening, and that I'd just stick to walking from now on. I decided I would just finish walking to the restroom on the bike path then turn around. I got to the restroom, and it was closed.


I turned around and started walking home. Like usual, though, I started to get sick of walking and tried running again. I was able to run about half-way home really slowly. I actually felt really good for this part even though I didn't get to use that bathroom. I was going over my spanish in my head in case I had to stop in one of the shops with Spanish signs to use their bathroom., but I made it home just fine and set about stretching.

My pelvis was really sore the rest of that day, and by the end of the day so were my legs. I was frustrated that 2 miles, in which I only ran half of, would make me so sore.

So, I think I will just be done with running for now. I'm just going to take a little 3-month break, then I can come back nice and strong.

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  1. frustrating I"m sure, but understandable. Good job listening to your body!