Monday, November 15, 2010

Calling for Recipes

Man, it has been a crazy couple of weeks! I was sick with a nasty cold all last week, and the week before that (starting on Halloween) Ethan and Elle were sick. Mostly Ethan, though. He missed all 5 days of school and had a fever almost all week. It was not fun for him, and having a sick kid almost feels like I'm sick too since I can't really go anywhere and end up sitting around a lot so it feels like I've been sick for longer than a week! Luckily,I didn't get the fever and nausea that Ethan and Elle had, I just had a bad cold.

The good thing that happened during all this was that Mindy got her casts off, and boy was she (and I) happy about it!

Today I was going to try to get out of my sitting-around-the-house-all day funk and get back to the pool. Of course, Ethan wakes up crying about his throat and ears hurting. I gave him some Motrin and almost made him go to school anyway, but he started crying again about how his teacher says not to come in if you're sick so I felt bad and kept him home. He seemed totally fine after a couple hours though, I should have had him go! It's so hard to tell sometimes!

Anyway, with Ethan home sick I wasn't able to go swim, but I was able to take a nap, buy a used dresser at D.I. that im going to sand and paint for Ethan and the baby to share (the dresser Ethan and Elle are using now tipped over today, luckily not onto anyone, so im just done with tall dressers! Plus this one will double as a changing table! Win!) and make some throw pillows for our couch downstairs! Yeah! And can I just say that my new favorite thing is iron-on Velcro?! It sure made making those pillows a snap!

Plus, after school, I took all the kids to the doctor where we got a prescription for Ethan's ear infection and they all got their flu shots. Elle was just as calm as a summer's day and hardly even flinched when she got hers. Mindy was a little more tense, but managed to stay pretty calm. Ethan, on the other hand, was hiding under chairs and trying to get away and the nurse and I had to hold him down. He does not handle needles well! I'm glad I got that over with, though, since my doctor recommended anyone who is going to be around the baby much for the first 6 weeks get a flu shot. I got mine at my last appointment. The kids still need to get a booster shot for theirs, and Pete needs to get his, but we're getting there. I'll make sure Pete's with me when Ethan gets his follow-up, though!

Next on my list is to plan out dinners for the week so I make sure and get everything I need when I go grocery shopping and we can start having healthy meals again! Its hard to want to cook much when half your family is too sick to really eat, and then again when you're too sick to want to do anything. The good thing about being sick, though, was that it helped me forget about being pregnant for a little while because I had something else to feel sorry for myself about. Now I am mostly feeling better (though I still have the dang cough!), but I'm still finding it hard to think of meals that sound good. I'm hoping it's the pregnancy doing this and that my love of food is not gone forever!

So, I could use a little help thinking up meals for the week. If you could leave a comment with the recipe or link to just one of your favorite, healthy meals that would help me out a lot! I might even get ambitious and blog about what I make this week (or however long your recipes last), but I'm not promising anything. It's kind of a pain to blog from my phone (note any weird words or spelling is because of this), and I seldomly have a computer handy. Thanks everyone! I love you!


  1. oh!!!! One of my friends love this new cookbook from a lady here in Utah... The Food Nanny... They help you plan out meals that have very little items in it and there are a lot of healthy ones or you could make substitutions too!!!!

    It's call The Food Nanny. I don't have a particular receipt, but I love stir-fry.

    I don't use any oil and the sauce is very minimal.

    Choose your fav veggies... I use onion, squash, and even apple.

    You can use your favorite meat.

    1. chop your veggies, cut meat into strips and cut off all the fat.
    2. Cook the onions, peppers...(use water and a bit of low sodium soy) the things that take a longer time to cook. when they are half way done the way you like them...
    3. Add spices... I love to just play. some popular things I add is powdered mustard, ginger, Mrs. Dash (fav flavoring), chayanne (sp) (it's not a hot spicy, but be careful for the kids sake), cinnamon... really anything that sounds yummy together.
    3. Add the rest, but make sure there is plenty of liquid and also turn up the heat a little so it sears the apples and meet. I love this! Make sure not to over cook your meat and do not make the apples mushy.

    Note... I'm making this harder than it really is... veggies, meat, seasons of choice, and cook in a yummy way. P.S. don't burn or make mushy.... lol so easy!

    I don't use any carbs, but it would be really yummy over brown rice or whole wheat noodles.
    Note on the whole wheat noodles.. .If you get the angle hair... I like it a lot better because it cooks more evenly and since it's thinner, I usually eat less of it too.

    enjoy!!! I love cooking healthy food!

  2. Here is this link too! I noticed it had a ton of reciptes that are way healthy and by another marathon "freak" ;) like you!!!

    Let me know if it does or doesn't work!

  3. All here stuff is good:

    I especially like this: