Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hand Update and Solar Eclipse

Friday night, when I re-did the bandages on my hand, I finally got the courage to get a better look at it. It has a big skin flap and it looked pretty dark like there was dirt or something in there (I know, gross, hu!?) so I looked under it, and sure enough there was dirt and gravel in there. I didn't dare try to get it out myself because OUCH, and the risk of infection of course. There was also the question of whether it was just a partial skin flap or a full skin flap or something like that. So I decided to go to the doctor and just get it checked out and cleaned up.

As soon as we got home from Mindy's 5k yesterday, I ate a couple cookies, changed, and headed to the doctor. It was nice that Pete was home so I didn't have to drag the kids along with me. That would have been difficult!

The doctor looked at it and said it was just a partial skin flap so it didn't need to be sewn up or anything. They just put some numbing ointment on my sores, and let it sit for about 20 minutes before the nurse came in and scrubbed them out. I don't know how numb my hands even got because I could still feel it, but it must have worked a little because it didn't hurt too bad.

After she got it all clean, the nurse bandaged me all up and they also sent me home with some penicillin just to be safe.

I looked like a kick-boxer all day. Hi-ya!

See that spot where the white is showing through? That's from George pulling on it. He's not exactly hurt hand friendly.

Today I just put some fabric band-aids on and that seamed to work pretty well. (Plus that's less conspicuous for church.) It is definitely more comfortable, unless I bump it on something, but I feel like the one bad cut on my right hand isn't as protected that way. Tonight I put the big bandages back on that hand so it'll be good to go for my run in the morning!

Oh, the bad news is that the nurse said I shouldn't go swimming for probably about a week, until I get a good scab on there.

Dang it!

I will just have to make this a really good run/bike/strength week then!

In other news, this evening was really fun because it was a solar exlipse! We went down to the Gateway where we waited in line for like an hour to look through a telescope. Then we got to look through some welders glass and that was really cool! It was really fun to go down there and see that! It's funny because we saw it the best in the parking lot as we were leaving. Some people had made their own pin hole cameras with big boxes and we could see it really well in those. Then we tried poking a hole through a card and looking at the shadow and that worked really well. That was really fun because we could shine it on anything!

It's crazy that even though we know it's just the moon going in front of the sun, there's still kind of mystical feel to a solar eclipse. I'm glad we got to see it, espeically the kids.

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