Sunday, May 6, 2012

Looking Back and New Discoveries

I decided to look back to my days when I was training for Ironman and see where I was at 15 weeks away since that's where I'd be right now if my Half Ironman were a Full which it will be next year if things go as planned! The one I want to do is Expadition Man which is the same day as Utah Half so I wanted to see where I'll be next year at this same time.

Guess what, though. When I looked back at my long ride during that "15 Weeks to Ironman" week, it was only 29 miles! That was the farthest I'd ever ridden, and it took me 3 hours. I was also scared to death on that ride and really doubting wheather I'd really be able to do an Ironman or not. Go read about it, it's kind of funny! 

I also looked back to see what my long run that week was, and there wasn't anything longer than one hour. I did do a 90 minute - 8 mile run the next week, though.

It's so exciting to see that I'm already ahead of where I was back then, and I'm only training for a half! That's also really comforting because it hasn't been hard to get this far this early in the season so I should be able to fit in full IM training next year. Maybe I'll even do the new St. George 70.3 as my half. 

That's right, they've changed the St. George Ironman to a half from now on. Yesterday was the last St. George Ironman, which is kind of sad, but it sure went out with a bang! It was super windy so the athletes had to battle huge waves for the 2.4 mile swim, then I read one report of the lead guys only going 8mph on the ride to veyo. There were probably 300 people who didn't make the swim cut-off and even more who had to quit after the bike. That's so sad. But at the same time, an Ironman is supposed to be hard, right? Those people who finished sure should be proud! I wanted to go down and watch, but it was just too stressful to work it all out logistically so we stayed home.

It was really nice to have a Saturday at home. I didn't even ride because my house needed some serious attention. I did a lot of cooking, cleaning, and working on the basement bathroom. It's getting so close to being done!

I did do my long run on Friday, though! 

When I went to get my stuff ready the night before, I couldn't find the Garmin anywhere so I ended up just taking my basic heart rate monitor even though it's been acting up when I run with it lately. 

My alarm went off at 4:45am, I turned it off and got back in bed. I totally decided I would just do my run on Saturday. But then, I was just laying there feeling hot, listening to the birds sing, and thinking about how if I did my long run on Saturday I wouldn't be able to get all the things done I wanted to and I wouldn't be able to stay up late Friday night with Pete. Friday night is pretty much my only night I get to stay up late, and I didn't want to loose that time with Pete! So, I got up! I'm so glad I did too because it really turned out to be a great run!

I left at 5:30 so it was still a little bit dark, but the sky was starting to lighten up, and everywhere I went was really well lit so it wasn't even a problem. I had my phone in my ifitness belt and I just carried some hammer gel in flask. After about a mile I took my long-sleeve shirt off, and tied it around my waist thinking, "I shouldn't have brought this." It was ok around my waist, though. It proably even helped my belt around less too.

When I got to the train tracks, there was a big freight train just stopping so I just turned and ran down to North Temple where I got to run over the big viaduct. Then I just headed strait down to Memory grove and up, up, up I went. When I got to the top, I turned around and ran back down to the gate. Then I turned around and went back up for 15 more minutes. I went a little past the top of Memory Grove this time, and turned around at the base of City Creek. Man, I love that drinking fountain there...

There are bathrooms and a drinking fountain in Memory Grove too which I didn't discover until this year! Very nice!

I put my longsleeve shirt back on at the top because it felt much colder up there and my hands were startingt to get stiff. The problem was, if I pulled my shirt down over my hands, it was a lot harder to hold my hammer gel flask. Hmmm, what to do? That's when I made the discovery that my flask fits in the little back pocket of my capris!! Wahoo! So I got to run back down feeling a lot more free this time, and it was really fun like usual!

It took me 10 minutes to run back down the distance I ran up in 15. 

I ran home from there, cutting through West High's track where there's another drinking fountain, and then their campus so I didn't have to stop for any red lights, yay! 

I did have to stop for another train though! Dang it! This one was actually moving, though, so I just stopped and waited a few minutes for it. 

It's funny because I was shooting for 2 hours, and I made it home in 2:03. If it weren't for that train, I would have been right on time! :) I was also shooting for 11 miles, and that's almost exactly what I ended up with! I'm pretty proud of that since, I didn't have the Garmin with me! 

On the way home my heart rate monitor started freaking out again, telling me my heart rate was like 44 and beeping at me at random times. That's so frustrating! I think that's why I stopped training by heart rate the first time I tried it. But the Garmin hasn't given me any problems yet, and the one on my bike works just great so I'll figure it out.

I ended up finding the Garmin in George's closet! I need to stop putting it on my nightstand where he can reach it! That baby is just getting to be such a cute little trouble maker! When I got home, Mindy had already changed his diaper and gotten him dressed, and he was just walking around all happy. It's been really nice because I haven't nursed him since Monday. Now he's just happy in the morning because he doesn't feel like he needs that, and I can just get breakfast going instead of spending 10  - 15 minutes nursing. Yay, George! He's had a couple times in the past few days where I could tell he was trying to tell me he wanted to nurse, but I've been able to avoid it. It's kind of sad to be done nursing him, but at the same time, he's almost 16 months old and it will be much nicer not to have to be the only one who can help him at certain times.

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