Monday, April 29, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday + New Summer Running Outfit

Mondays are always hard and today was no exception. I was still feeling sore from Saturday and did not feel like running. (Do I ever feel like running on Monday? I don't know) I do intervals on Monday so I wanted to do that on the treadmill to control my pace, but it was such a beautiful day I didn't want to miss out on it completely so I decided to run the half mile to the gym with the stroller to warm up, then put George in the daycare and get my intervals done on the treadmill.  I even had a new summer running outfit to try out! 

I've never tried running in a skirt before, but a friend gave this to me so I thought I'd give it a try today since it was nice and warm. It was really comfortable and cool. I can't decide if I love it for running though. We'll see, I'll keep trying it.

The only problem with my plan was that the stroller had a flat tire. I knew I would have to change the inner tube because it looked like it was torn pretty badly. Luckily I found an old one just sitting around that just seemed to have one hole in it. 

The next problem was that I didn't have any patches, but hey, isn't that what duct tape is for? I think so! It sure seemed to do the trick anyway! We'll see how long it lasts. 

Now that I had the new tube ready, I had to sit and pull out all of the offending thorns. I counted about 15 of them, but the thing that really did the tire in was the half inch shard of glass I pulled out. Ouch. I felt bad for the poor tire just looking at that.

So I got that all fixed up, but then it took me forever to get the tire back on the wheel! ARG! Small tires are so hard to change! I almost gave up and just decided to drive to the gym, but it had become a point of principle to get it done so I stuck it out and finished the job. When I got it on I said, "yay, Mommy!" and Goeroge said, "yay, Mommy" right back! How nice. :)

It only took me about an hour to do all that stuff. But hey, what else was I doing? And off we went!

So, once I got to the gym, I was a little nervous to go through with my plan. I wanted to see if I could do one 8:00 mile. I knew that I'd done half a mile at that pace, or close to it, so I thought I'd give it a try. I just felt scared that I would fail, but finally told myself, "So what if you don't do it. You'll never know unless you try."

I have the hardest time with treadmills. I think it would be really good for my speed and consistency if I could just get used to running on them, but I still just feel like I'm going to fall off or just collapse, even at slower speeds. I did a slow warm up mile (10:57), then took a little break to get a drink and stretch before jumping into the fast "mile." 

I ended up doing half a mile in just over 8:00 pace. Then I stopped the treadmill, walked around, got a drink, and psyched myself up to finish the mile so even this doesn't count as a real timed mile. But oh well. I'll just consider it 2 half mile intervals. Sadly, I didn't feel like I could keep up the 8:00 pace so I finished the mile out a little slower. See what I mean? The treadmill just freaks me out!

It's kind of depressing that it almost took me 9:00. I thought I could do one mile faster than that since I can run 3 miles at 9:21. But, like I said, you never know until you try. I'd never really tried that before, and now I have a goal to work towards. I did another slower mile (10:40) to finish up, then got George and ran home. It was a beautiful day and I'm glad I got that stroller fixed and a great workout in!

Last, but not least, a cute picture of George to end my post. Love this boy! (can you tell where we are?)

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