Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Viva Las Vegas - The Red Rock Resort

Thursday morning, my awesome sister came over to watch the kids so Pete and I could head down to Las Vegas! 

It's about a 7 hour drive from Salt Lake, but we had a great time just talking, stopping for donuts in Lehi and sandwiches in Provo that were really yummy! Also listening to a book on Prion desease. We're so exciting, aren't we?

We stayed at the Red Rock Hotel which is not on the strip so it's not like how you normally picture Vegas. It's actually in a really nice part of town with big houses crowded together and shopping centers. Plus it's only 7 miles from the mouth of the Red Rock Canyon so that was a major bouns!

Here I am checking in.

 The lobby was beautiful!

 Cool red doors at the entrance to the hotel.

The check-in desk.

Here's the view from our hotel room. Pete and I both kept feeling like we were at the beach becaue of all palm trees and the sand. Just no water. And no beach smell.

Our room was so beautiful and comfortable. 

We loved our bathroom and the tub was huge!

Here's Pete at the pool where we had breakfast and hung out all day on Satruday while taking a rest from hiking and climbing. It was so relaxing!

On Monday, our last day there, we found out that they were having 30% off at the spa so we decided to try out the hot stone massages which were amazing, especially since my legs were pretty sore from the previous days' running/hiking/climbing. We loved the spa and will definitely be returning! They had hot tubs with a cold plunge, a rain shower, a sauna and steam room in each of the locker rooms. This is the spa pool which was really nice and relaxing even though the sun didn't cooperate and come out for us much this day.

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