Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This fall has been so amazingly beautiful, I can hardly even believe it! Fall is usually beautiful around here, but it usually only lasts a few weeks, then it's cold. Last year we went snowboarding in October!

We have been doing our best to take advantage of this unusually long fall by taking the kids hiking and climbing in our beautiful backyard as much as we could. Last month we went on a really fun hike where we played in the first little bit of snow in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was a bit chilly that day so we didn't stay out long.

Then, the next 2 weeks we went up the same canyon to go climbing because the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Here's George hanging out in his little cave with the gun he built while the kids climb.

Ethan is quickly becoming our little climbing pro!

The second time we went out, he asked me to time him so I did, and he made it to the top in just over 5 minutes. Then he asked to do it again to try and beat that time, and he sailed up in just over 3 minutes! Then it was my turn so I went up as fast as I could to try and beat him, but it took me somewhere around 4 minutes.

Here's Elle getting ready for her turn.

Pete teaching Mindy how to belay Ethan which is pretty exciting!

Elle climbing beautifully with Ethan bouldering in the background.

George, just being awesome and coloring while he waits for his turn.

Mindy, fighting her fears and taking her turn!

Walking back to the car. It was so beautiful up there, we are always so glad to be there!

This week it was rainy and cold so we decided to take it inside and go to the climbing gym in Ogden that we love.

I was just really impressed with Ethan. After doing a pretty hard route (the red one) 2 times right away, he got on a really hard route (the yellow one) and DID NOT give up. Usually a kid will notice that something is too hard and will just quit, but he just kept jumping back on. I'm ashamed to admit that I was even encouraging him to get on an easier one, but he just kept on trying. And guess what, HE DID IT! Yep, he made it all the way to the top! I was amazed and felt so bad for doubting him! He really inspired me!

When it was my turn, I did the red one 3 times, the blue one twice and the yellow one once. It was really hard and probably the most scared I've been climbing indoors. It was awesome, though, I'm so glad I did it! And most of all, I'm so glad Ethan did it. I know that will give him confidence that he will be able to use his entire life.

Today I went swimming, and I don't know if I was still thinking about Ethan's determination or what, but I was able to swim 100 yards in 1:30!! I don't know if I've ever done it that fast before. It seems like 1:33 has been really good for me. I got done and I couldn't even believe it. I put my head down on the deck panting, and I probably would have cried if I wasn't breathing so hard. Then I decided to try and do it again, and you know what I did!? 1:29! Wow! I was so happy! What a great way to start the day!

Now go out and grab your dreams!

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