Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ireland Day 4 - Belfast

It took me forever to fall asleep again Tuesday night, and as I lay there in the middle of the night I seriously started to wonder if I would die from lack of sleep there in that strange city, in that strange strange country, with this Old World version of a cold! But then at about 3am, I finally did fall asleep! It was such a relief! Crazy the things we think of in the dark of the night!

Wednesday morning I woke up to this beautiful view out our window that got me very excited for the day.

Again, it was very easy to find a cafe for breakfast. I decided to try a Scotch Egg even though I had no idea what it was. I was pleasantly surprised with this: an egg wrapped in sausage, breaded and deep fried! Wow. I couldn't finish the whole thing.

Next we went looking for where Pete's tour for the conference was supposed to be, but we got confused and went to the wrong place so he missed his bus. We went in search of some of the other workshops which took place near St. Ann's Cathedral. Wow, it was beautiful!

This is the right-hand side arch. "O GRAVE, WHERE IS THY VICTORY?"

This cool Celtic-looking cross is on the right side.

A little alcove inside above a little font.

Here I am with the font.

This was cool, the shines through the stained glass window and reflects off this cross.

Here's the window. It is the story of the good Samaritan. So cool how much detail are in these windows.

We found the conference after this and Pete tried to get into the blacksmith workshop, but it was full. We did finally get to sneak in to a few other workshops, though. I wasn't technically supposed to attend them since I had just purchased the evening activity pass, but they weren't too strict about it.

Just before dinner, we heard from our friends who had just gotten into town. We met up with them and went to a Japanese chain restaurant that they tried and loved in London. It was really good. It was in the mall, and we happened to walk by right at the time they turned on the Christmas lights which was pretty cool. They are way into Christmas there, and I commented to Pete that it seemed early and he reminded me that they don't have Thanksgiving there.

That evening we went to a social thing the conference put on and got to talk to a some of the people involved in the conference which was cool.

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