Monday, April 14, 2014

I Wanna Be a Cowgirl Baby!

This weekend was a lot of fun!

Friday I ran 3 miles. It was 73 degrees and just gorgeous outside! I wish that was conducive of a good run for me. I mean, I did enjoy it, but it was hard! I was slow, breathing hard, sweating like crazy and I felt like I was going to die when I got home. I guess I'm turning into quite a baby when it comes to running in the heat! 73 degrees should not be too hot! So, I'm going to try and let this be a lesson to myself to GET UP when my alarm goes off at 5:30am. It's time to start early morning running!

(These could also be after effects from running a half marathon last weekend... But I'm going to use it as a way to talk myself into getting up earlier and getting it done!)

Saturday was a crazy day because I was working on Ethan's birthday cake for his party that afternoon, trying to get that finished, and still stressing about how I would a run in. Well, the run didn't happen, but his cake turned out pretty cool, if a little morbid.

It's a skull sitting on soul sand from Mine Craft. Ask your 10 year old if you want to know what that is. As I was painting the moaning faces,  Mindy says, "You know, Mom, that summons The Whither." Uh oh, watch out!

Not my favorite cake, but it was fun, and I do what is requested of me!  Happy birthday Ethan!

We also went to the Muppet's Most Wanted which was pretty funny.

After that party, I had to hurry and make dinner then quickly frost another cake to take over to my friend from ballet's birthday party.

Yes it was a two cake day!

We had a great time! After hanging out for a while, we went to The Westerner to do some country line dancing! There was a huge dance floor in the middle surrounded by a bunch of bars, a mechanical bull and a separate karaoke room. The place was packed too!

I grew up in a small town where the rodeo and county fair were the biggest events of the year, and where I was surrounded by horses and cows and country music. It kind of rubbed off on me,  and I always loved country dancing, but I hadn't really done it since college. so it was great to have an excuse to do it again!

I had such a blast dancing with these girls until 1am when we decided the live band (which was awesome and they played some fun songs like Footloose!) probably wasn't going to play The Electric Slide (which we missed dancing to because it was playing as we got there) and decided to head home. But we did get to dance to The Boot Scoot Boogie which was just as fun as always, and the moves came right back to me. There were a buch of other songs where we tried to follow along, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much, or just made up our own moves. We all came away from it sweating like we'd just ran a marathon! It was so much fun though, I may have to take up country line dancing again!

We even rode the mechanical bull! Yeeha! It was pretty hard, but not nearly as hard as riding a real bull! (Not that I would know, but those guys get thrown off immediately! And they train for it like crazy!)

Yeah, it was pretty much the most awesome night in a long time! And they may have talked me into going back to ballet. My achillies is feeling pretty darn good...

Despite staying up later than I'm used to, I woke up bright and early on Sunday and GOT OUT ON MY RUN! It was so beautiful, and much cooler so I felt better this time!

I ran up to Memory Grove which was just breathtaking from the early morning light, the different colors of the trees down to the petals covering the sidewalk. It was simply perfect. It's moments like these, and weekends like this one, that just really make me so happy and grateful to be alive and to be part of this wonderful world!

Don't be afraid to take these moments in. Really feel them and taste them and let them fill you up. Life is so amazing. There really are things to be excited about all around us. Don't let the "mundane" day to day things make you forget that.

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