Sunday, April 27, 2014

Super Awesome Easter Hike

This Easter we went on a fun family hike up to Lisa Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was a really fun, pretty easy hike. Mindy and Ethan beat us to the waterfall.

My mountain man.

Mindy, contemplating the stream.

George spent a lot of the time doing his favorite thing: throwing rocks!

The waterfall was bigger than we've seen it before with the spring runoff so that was fun!

Beautiful girl, beautiful mountain.

Another shot of the falls. It was such a beautiful day!

Of course the kids had to end up in the water. It was really, really cold, but they didn't care. George actually fell in at one point and got his shoes and shorts wet, but he was fine.

Elle gave my feet a nice mud bath. It actually felt really good! The water was so cold, I could only keep my feet in for a second.

George had to walk on every cool rock he saw.

Later, we went home and had a fun little egg hunt with the cousins!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well!

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