Thursday, April 10, 2014


I have decided that I really need to get myself back to being obsessed with my training. Like in the good old days!

Lately, and on and off for over a year, I have been pretty much obsessed with reading everything I can find about the LDS church, and frankly, it is no longer doing me any good. It just makes me depressed and stressed out whenever I think about it. That means I'm feeling stressed a LOT lately since this last weekend was General Conference. Not only do I live 2 miles from the conference center, it is also all over the place on Facebook and the ex-mormon community.

So I just need to distance myself from those two places for a while again. I did that maybe a month ago and it really did help, but I have slowly drifted back in and am now checking both several times a day again. Arg, why can't I just live my life?! It's crazy how much of an addiction social media is.

I feel like I have to be obsessed with something at all times. Is anyone else like that? I'm going to try and be obsessed with something healthy again - working out. I'm going to log all my workouts on again, especially to keep track of how many miles I'm putting on my shoes. I've been really good about it in the past, but I've kind of stopped doing it in the last few months. I haven't been super into working out lately, so that's probably why. I just got all caught up logging my workouts for April so now I'm going to try and keep that up. I think it will also help me to get on here and log what I've been doing more too, which was my goal at the beginning of the year anyway so I need to get back on it!

A crazy thing happened yesterday. I was clearing the table, trying to be tricky carrying 5 or 6 mugs at the same time. Of course I dropped one onto the table. The handle broke off and flew right at George, cutting him on the eyebrow! It was just so crazy, what are the chances of that happening!? So that was kind of traumatic for a few minutes while I got it to stop bleeding before I could really asses it and see how bad it was. Luckily it stopped bleeding pretty quickly so there was no need for stitches. He just had a big bandaid above his eye for 2 days. Poor little guy, I felt so bad! But I gave him a bath tonight and took the bandaid off and it looks really good.

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