Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let the Speed Work Begin!

I got an email today saying that Against Malaria has just reached 1 MILLION nets! Here's what the email said:
Thank you for helping us reach 1 million nets which, once they are all delivered, will mean 2 million (mainly) children protected. We hope to achieve the next million nets even faster.

Your nets

Over 97% of donations have already been allocated to specific distributions, many with pictures and video. You can see where the nets you funded have gone/are going by visiting your page. If they haven't been allocated yet, they will be soon!
Reading this email made me realized that I never really announced on here how many nets we ended up getting! Sorry about that. We raised enough money for 93 nets! Not quite my goal, but it's still an impressive number right!? Thank you to all of you who helped me out with this! Make sure you go check out where your nets are going! If you didn't get a chance to donate before the Ironman, you can still do it now. I'll still let ya. :) Just go to http://againstmalaria.com/colleensironman to donate. Maybe more people will want to donate now that they know I've actually done it. I don't know.

On with this post.....

This morning when my alarm went off at 5:30, I was surprised that Pete wasn't in bed. I found him in the living room with his computer. He said he couldn't sleep. He had been taking Excedrin for his sore jaw after getting cavities in his wisdom teeth filled yesterday. Well, it turns out that Excedrin is great for Ironman, but not so good for bedtime pain. Each pill has almost as much caffeine as a Red Bull! Yikes! So, he ended up with only 2 hours of sleep last night. Poor thing. He's sleeping now and I'm afraid I won't be able to get him up for dinner. . .

Anyway, I told my very pro-sleep husband that I was tired and didn't want to go running. He advised me to go back to bed, just like I knew he would. He's always there to remind me to listen to my body. If it says I need sleep, then I need sleep.

I went back to bed, but didn't get too much sleep because I felt guilty about it. Later in the morning, I decided I could go do my run at the gym and just fork out the money to put all 3 kids in the daycare. I was planning on doing a track workout anyway.

When I dropped the kids off, I had exactly an hour and 2 minutes until the daycare closed so I hurried up to the track to get started.

I ran around for about 10 minutes to get warmed up (it was supposed to be 20, but I was in a hurry), then I started in on my 4 x 800s.

800 m is half a mile (right??) so I just did 4.5 laps on my 1/9 mile track. It was fun to only have to count up to 4!

According to how fast I did my (fake) 10k this weekend, my goal time for the 800s was going to be 4:23 each. (See this article) I did the first one in 4:20, and that didn't even feel hard enough. I ran easy for 2:00 between sets, then I did the next one in 4:10! I had knocked 10 seconds off! Two more minutes of recovery and I was ready to go again. This time I did it in exactly 4:00! (That's 8-minute mile pace folks!!) 

I thought it would be cool to knock another 10 seconds off for my last set, but I was happy with finishing it at 3:57. (Sub 8-minute mile pace baby!) I ended my workout with a 10-minute easy cool-down run. Then I stretched in the climbing cave while the kids played around in there.

Going into my first real speed workout, I thought it would be hard and miserable, but it ended up being really fun! It reminded me of the speed work I've done with swimming, and that's encouraging because I've gotten much faster at swimming! I also like doing speed work on the track because I know how far I've gone and how far I have to go, plus I get to pass people left and right! It just makes me feel fast. 

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