Monday, July 6, 2009

Real Quick

This is one of those, "I was going to wake up early today to do my ride, but I just couldn't get out of bed" posts. It's ok, though because I got to do it in the evening after Pete got back from running. I did a nice flat 31.4 miles with my average speed ending up being 16.4 mph. 

I thought this was pretty good since it started out at around 13. I wanted to ride the 10k route that I did on Saturday to measure the distance so I did that first. Pete was saying that he didn't trust google maps so it was making me doubt my distance. Unfortunately, he was right to doubt google because it was off. Dang it! 

I started right on the line I turned around at, then rode back to the house. I was trying to be as accurate as possible by even riding my bike on the sidewalk where I ran. This made me feel really self-conscious and I worried about getting a flat the whole time. That's why I was going so slow. Once I was almost home, though, I got sick of the sidewalk and just got onto the road. I figured it's not that far off the course anyway. 

When I got to the house it said 2.9 miles! What? That means I only did 5.8 miles instead of 6.2 so I wasn't really faster than last year at all. That means I was killing myself to do 10 minute miles! I can't help but be a little depressed about that with all the running I've been doing! Of course, I have to remind myself that I haven't really done any speed work. I've just gotten really good at running really slow for a really, really long time. 

I feel like I have gotten faster on the bike, though. Almost the whole way home from my ride I was able to keep at around 19-20 mph and it was cool to be able to push that average speed up like that.

I rode past a couple out on their bikes and it looked like the guy was teaching his wife how to shift. This made me think about when Pete took me out to a bike path in St. George and I tried out his road bike for the first time. I was so nervous on that thing! That was probably 5 years ago. I soon learned to really love the road bike only to trade it for Pete's tri bike this year. Now I was all nervous again, and I thought I'd want to trade back as SOON as Ironman was over, but I don't. I love my tri bike! Even when we were out on our cruisers the other night, after about half an hour, I started wanting my areo bars. :) Funny how things can change like that.

Maybe it's time to find something to get me out of my comfort zone again. Or maybe I should just work on getting faster at running. . . .

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  1. I see you're still keep busy despite the Ironman being over. And you were worried you've have nothing to write about afterwards.