Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feeling Discouraged

Operation Jack

Last night, after I posted about my quest to find someone who's fast who hasn't always been fast, I found someone! I got on Twitter, and saw @OperationJack (Sam) and asked him how fast he was when he first started running. His reply stunned me. He said, "Probably 11 min/miles."

What?! He's doing marathons in just over 3 hours now!
Then he said, "Ran my first 1/2 in 2:29:45, ran a full in 3:07:53 less than two years later. Drop me an email. You can get faster."

I emailed him and asked him what the secret is and if he really thought I could do the marathon in 3:40 (he's pacing for that time, and it would qualify me for Boston!) since he keeps teasing me and asking me if I'm going to go for that.

Anyway, he wrote me back, and was very encouraging. He said that his long runs were 10 min/mile for his first marathon and he did that in 4:06, and that he'd guess I'm no worse than a 3:50 runner. So, that's really encouraging for at least being able to make my under 4 hour goal! He said to remember that everything is diffrent on race day so I'm probably not too far away from Boston Qualifying. Wow! How nice of him to take the time to look at what I'm doing and give me such good encouragement and advice when he's so busy working and taking care of his family and RUNNING A MARATHON OR TWO A WEEK!

Speaking of the marathon, it's exactly one month from today! Ahhhh! I really want to get my 10x10 soon so I can get an Operation Jack shirt to wear at the marathon. If I'm going to wear it for the marathon, I need a few weeks of testing it out first so who out there is willing to help me out and donate $10 to fight Autism? Click here and do it really quick. You'll at least get to see a gorgeous picture of me finishing the St. George Marathon if you click that link!

Why So Glum Chum?

So, with all the encouragement, what's with the "Feeling Discouraged" title? Well, today I had planned to do my long run since I'm doing St. George Tri on Saturday. I was going to do 14 since it's kind of a rest/recovery/race week, and I thought that was a good distance for that. (little did I know...)

For starters, I woke up in a bad mood for some reason. I was tired and grumpy and just wasn't excited about my run at all. I even had arranged with my friend for her to come pick Elle up so she could play with her daughter for a few hours. That way Elle would be happy, and I wouldn't have to wake up early to run. How perfect, right? Why was I in a bad mood, then??

Anyway, she came and got Elle, then I hurried and got ready to go. Today I brought Coconut Water in my water bottle, which might have been a mistake trying something new at this point. I didn't really like it anyway. I could tell it was hydrating me really good, and it felt ok in my stomach (I think), but I didn't like the taste of it at all.

I headed up the Avenues, then up Virginia Street. I did not feel very victorious running up that street. I actually didn't really run up that street at all. I walked. I got to 11th Avenue and headed over to City Creek Canyon. I hit 7 miles before I got to City Creek, but I wanted to stop at the restrooms there so I went to about .25 over my planned turn-around distance. It was really nice to take a little break, and the water up there in the drinking fountain is heavenly! Seriously, it's worth the run up there just to have a drink of that cold, delicious water. I took my one and only shot of hammer gel while I was there, then headed back down. It was only downhill for a few minutes, then it was back up to 11th avenue. Man, it seems like I've done this run before and it wasn't THIS hard! I just didn't feel good, and I felt like I was hardly moving. I can't even explain what didn't feel good. I didn't exactly feel sick, and my legs didn't really hurt that bad. I don't know what it was, but I just wasn't feeling it.

Finally, I decided to turn back down a little sooner than going all the way back to Virginia and headed down K Street. It was really steep and fast running down the hill! I felt pretty good on the downhills, but as soon as it would flatten out again, I'd have a really hard time keeping going. Even running down past Temple Square where I usually feel great, and have fun with all the momentum from coming down the hill, I just wanted to be done. I don't know if it was my bad attitude from this morning or if it was just that I haven't fully recovered from my hard long run on Saturday and my cold, but I just was not feeling good at all. I made myself keep running until I hit 12 miles, then I walked - even though I was almost a mile from home. I did run a little bit more after walking for a while just because I wanted to get home sooner, but it was pretty pathetic. Maybe it was because of my sniffly nose, but while I was walking, I just felt like I was going to cry, and when I got home I texted Pete and said I never wanted to run again.

I only had about 15 minutes to get a drink and stretch before it was time to pick the kids up from school. That kind of made me glad I didn't still go for the 14 miles. I was glad I at least had a few minutes of "me" time left. My legs and feet were so sore. As soon as I picked up the kids, we went and got Elle, then I came home, turned the TV on for them and had a nice hot bath while eating a Larabar and drinking some ice cold water. That made me feel much, much better.

12 miles is probably what I should have scheduled for this week anyway, 14 was too ambitions. Especially considering me still trying to get over being sick, the extra hard run I did on Saturday, and the fact that I'm supposed to be doing my first race of the season in 3 days. This is what I get for making my own schedule. I need a coach! I'm kind of mad at myself for letting this happen.

This is even what I tweeted before I started my run: "Ok, my friend just came and picked Elle up, should I go run or take a nap? J/k it's a beautiful day, I'm gonna run!"

That even sounds more upbeat than I felt. I really should have listened to my body and took that nap. On the other hand, though, it's good to have hard training days. Hopefully it will make race day seem that much nicer. (and I'm totally having key-lime pie right now. SOOOO GOOD!)

Ok, here are my slow poke numbers. I'm embarrassed to even post them.
  1. 9:42
  2. 10:41
  3. 10:47
  4. 11:19
  5. 13:00 (ahem, walking up the hill is included here...)
  6. 10:15
  7. 9:28
  8. 10:28
  9. 10:48
  10. 9:26
  11. 9:47
  12. 10:49
  13. 2:09 (for the .19)

Total Distance: 12.19 miles
Total Time: 2:08:19
Average Pace: 10:31 min/mile

Here's the elevation profile of my run, if that's any consolation...

That's 1,001 ft of elevation gain/loss.

I'm taking the next 2 days off. The house could sure use some attention too so that will be good. Plus I get to pack for St. George and all that fun stuff. I hope I'm rested up by then!

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