Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life is Great

I'm so sure that the one night where I get the computer all to myself, I feel too sick and tired and frustrated and depressed to write on my blog. Sorry guys, nothing fun tonight!

My training has been going really well, I've gotten pretty much all my workouts in (minus one swim) in the past few weeks and it's been great fun! I'm totally excited, and think I'm ready, for my first race of the season next weekend! I just need to get through one more tough week, then I'm going to taper. Kind of.

Today, I woke up at 4am thinking I was really allergic. I took some claritin then went back to sleep for an hour or so (during which time, I had a crazy dream about running a marathon with chicrunner where at some point we had to run through a mall or something where it was really crowded and stressful, but I did end up almost finishing in 4 hours!) but the allergy medicine didn't really help. You know what that means. I got Pete and/or Mindy's cold. I sure hope it was Mindy's because she got over hers a lot quicker. Of course, kids do seam to do that, don't they? I did still get up and run 9 miles though! Boo Ya! I saw 2 signs that said "Good Day" and one that said, "Live is Good" on my run. I had to agree.

My foot felt fine during the run, but when I got done it was really sore and I wanted to take my shoe off right away. I was also freezing! I had a hard time typing on my phone, my fingers were so cold. Funny how sometimes 40 degrees can seem so warm and sometimes it can be so cold! It took me a really long time to get warmed up. After a hot chocolate (I didn't care about the sugar at this point, I was just cold) and a hot bath and shower and warm clothes I felt better. Another sign that it's not just allergies, and that I'm really sick.

Other than that I'm just sick of my foot hurting and getting really stressed/frustrated about that. I'm going to try to figure my shoe situation out, and I'll let you know when I do that. I did go to payless today (out of sheer frustration) and bought a really cheap, ugly, wide pair of Champion running shoes that I wore around for the evening. Wearing those I've felt a noticeable difference. Or, I should say, un-noticable because I don't feel any pain. Even when I touch my bunion, which earlier when I did that it really hurt. Pete thinks it's the shoes I wear around the house and not my Bioms that are causing the bunion to worsen, but I think it might just be both. So I might have to do a complete overhaul of my shoe wardrobe. Does anyone want to buy a used pair of Ecco Bioms for half price? They're size 41 (European). I really have loved them. They helped me improve my stride and overall running form and I've gotten faster, but they're just too narrow for my deformed foot.

I think all my heels are going to have to go too. :( Sad night.

But, I'm truly grateful for what I do have, and that my problems are so miner and trivial. I'm so blessed with a wonderful husband and three beautiful children. I'm also so grateful for my ability to train and do the things I love. Here's a beautiful video about a beautiful mother who reminded me today about what is important: (beware, you might want a tissue handy)

(Click on the video to see it without the cropping. Sorry, I couldn't make it smaller.)

I'm going to go look for some NighQuil, read Fabelhaven for a little while, then go to sleep. Goodnight!

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  1. I love your latest blog banner pic! Sorry you have a cold..I love Nyquil!