Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flatirons Timing

I officially LOVE Flatirons Timing! They are the company who did the timing at St. George Tri. First they, very nicely, gave me a new chip because I was stupid and forgot mine on race morning. Then, when my numbers didn't show up with the results, they very patiently stayed in contact with me until they figured out the problem. Now I have official results! I updated it on my race report if you really care to see what they are.

Yesterday I went swimming, and when I was getting out, the guy next to me was like, "I bet you've swam a mile!" He was all impressed, but that was actually a really light swim day for me. I hadn't really figured it out, but I just agreed with him. When I got home, I figured it out, and I had done just about exactly that. (how did he know?!) Here's what I did:

200 kick
200 swim
200 pull buoy
200 swim

4o0 swim

300 pull buoy

150 easy - cool down

Total Distance: 1650 meters (I think 1600 is a mile, right?)
Total Time: maybe 45 minutes?

Actually, I might have done a little more than that. I wasn't paying very good attention to my counting...

I felt really good in the pool and am so excited for the the new Northwest Rec. Center to open a few blocks from our house! The grand opening is June 4-6, so 2 weeks and 2 days! I won't have to drive 15 minutes to get to my pool anymore! :)

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