Friday, June 3, 2011

Foot News & Lots of Swimming

Great news about my foot! I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that it is just bruised. His main recommendation was for me to wear comfortable shoes with inserts for extra cushioning, and to not run on it while it hurts because that will just make it take longer to get better. It was one of those doctor visits where you're like, "duh," but it was just really good to not hear him say, "Stress fracture," or anything like that. He did say it could take a couple weeks to get better (which is better than 6!), and that he wouldn't recommend I run the half marathon if it's still hurting.

Well, I wore my old, comfy, cushiony running shoes yesterday and today, and it is feeling significantly better! I'm kind of still limping today, but I think that's more of a precaution than anything, and I'm actually tempted to try my easy 30 minute run tomorrow. We'll see how it feels, if there's any pain at all, I will wait. I'm confidant that if I take care of it, I'll still be able to run The Utah Valley Half Marathon next Saturday! I still have a week to baby it if I need to, and I already got my longest long run done. My sister ran 12 miles yesterday and it went much better than her last long run so she's feeling more confident too! I'm excited!

It's been weird to go from running 24.8 miles last week to 0 miles this week. But I've also gone from swimming 2.3 miles last week to 6.2 miles this week so far so I haven't just been sitting around!

I was really feeling the burn out from swimming 5 days in a row this morning. I considered skipping it and going back to bed, but I reminded myself that I didn't want to miss any so I made myself go. I started off really slow, and my arms were feeling tired and sore. After my first set of 750, I felt better. It really does just take me a while to get warmed up, and I need to remember that on race day. Here's what I did:

S: race-specific
wu: 4 x 75, last 25 in each is backstroke.
main: 3 x 750, all at RPE 4-5

1 - 15:08
2 - 14:48
3 - 14:02!! (This fast guy got in the lane next to me during this one and I think that helped me go faster and made it feel more like a race simulation where everyone is going so much faster than me!)

cd: 3 x 50 easy (swim, kick, swim)

I was actually supposed to do 4 x 750, but that would have taken me an hour, not counting the warmup, cool down and locker room time so I just decided to do the 3 so I could make it back in time to feed George if he was awake/hungry (He woke up at like 6:15 yesterday so I was worried about it the whole time today since Pete was up late last night, but he was just laying in his crib happy when I got home today! Whew!) and get the kids to school. Only 3 more days of school! It worked out great, and I felt like it was a long enough, "race specific" workout.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to do a reverse tri, and I'm still trying to figure out how to fit that into my day since the pool doesn't open until 8 on Saturdays. We'll see.

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