Thursday, June 30, 2011

Healing Up

Guess who went for a 25 minute run without her foot hurting today!

Me! Yay! I SO wanted to run more, but I made myself stop (after one more time around the block) because I didn't want to push it. In the past it hasn't started hurting until after I stop running so I stopped to walk a couple times just to make sure. Then I was worried it would start hurting later today, but it never did! I'm so excited! I might just be able to do Echo still. I will see how next week goes, and maybe I'll switch to sprint if I don't feel like I can do 6 miles.

In other news, I missed my recovery swim on Monday, but I gave blood then walked around Wheeler farm for 3 hours with the kids so I'm ok with that.

Tuesday I was going to make-up that swim, but ended up skipping it again because I was worried about George. He had woken up at 3am and was just so sad, but he wouldn't eat. Not only that but when I put him in nursing position, he would scream like it was hurting him. We finally got him back to sleep at around 4, and I said, "I have to wake up in an hour. Fun." But then Pete talked me out of it. Mostly I was just worried about what George would do. I didn't want to wake him up and try to feed him again after the fiasco we just went through, but I didn't know if he would make it until I got home from swimming at 7:30 if I didn't feed him. So, I just didn't go. Turns out he did sleep until 7:30 so I could have gone, but there was no way to know that.

I made a doctor's appointment for him, then hurried and did my 45 minute trainer ride before it was time to go.

They weighed him when we got there, and he's 19 pounds! He's not even 6 months yet!

Anyway, turns out he did have an ear infection and the rash on his cheek, that was just an extension of his cradle cap, had turned into impetigo which is also an infection so I got prescriptions for 2 kind of antibiotics. One is to take orally and the other one is an ointment. The doctor said that impetigo is really itchy and I know how bad ear infections are so I'm amazed he wasn't more fussy than he was! I tried just putting the ointment on, but he scratches his cheek like crazy when I'm not looking so for the past few days George has had a huge bandaid on his cheek.

It hurts him to take it off, but it's better than having him scratch his cheek all up and get blood all over. It's already looking much better, and I'm pretty sure his ears feel better too. He's been much happier the past few days! Yay, I'm so happy to have my happy baby back!

Tuesday night I also got the kids new shoes and they wanted to go for a bike ride on Wednesday to try them out so we rode our bikes to the Gateway (2 miles away) and they played in the fountain (Well, the girls did, Ethan snuck off to the Apple store...).

It was a really fun day and I was actually sore that evening from the ride! Maybe because I was pulling an extra 50 pounds or so?

Today George woke up at the perfect time for me to feed him, put him back to bed and get ready to leave by 6 to do my brick, and it was such a beautiful morning! I rode for a little over an hour (17.4 miles) and ran for half an hour (2.6 miles). I was so happy that my foot didn't hurt and that I was able to have a fun, good workout this morning. It really made my day. Other than that, I did some laundry:

George had fun playing "Match the Socks" with me, only to him it was more like "Roll Around On The Bed and Eat Socks." But that's ok.

He's back to eating really good, and just being so good and happy in general. Did I mention how good of a baby he is?

He's scratched himself on the other cheek too. Poor little guy!

Mindy and I are onto the 5th and final Percy Jackson book. It's a fun series and It's Mindy's new favorite. (gasp, I should say second favorite to Harry Potter) I like it too, but don't have as much time to read as her so she's finishing it much faster than me! That girl sure can read.

We rented the movie yesterday and I was very disappointed by how Hollywood-ized it was. It's frustrating that they take a kids book that doesn't have any bad language in it, make it a movie and add that in. Oh, and they also had to make the kids like 17 instead of 12 so it was a lot more adult. Maybe they didn't want to look like they were copying Harry Potter? Anyway, my point is, read the books, but go ahead and skip the movie. The story's much better in the books anyway.

And, I think that's about it for now. I must get to bed so I can get up and do it all again tomorrow!

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