Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This week is a recovery week on my half ironman training plan, and a taper week on my half marathon training plan. It's kind of feels like my second week of recovery since last week was a very swim heavy week, I only rode my bike once and didn't run at all because of my hurt foot.

I was supposed to do a reverse tri on Saturday, but Pete ended up coming down with a really nasty cold Friday night and I just couldn't leave him to take care of the kids feeling like that. Plus we didn't want George to get sick by being around him so I just stayed home and took care of everyone.

It was probably good that I didn't try to fit my workout in because it was also the day of Mindy's big ballet performance so I had to get her all ready for that.

Here she is when I dropped her off at the dressing room at 1 (6.5 hours before the show started!)

It was really neat because they got to perform in a real theater and she had her own mirror in the dressing room. She also had one of the company members as a mentor since they were dancing with them in the last scene. She signed her pointe shoes and gave them to Mindy after the show. Mindy was really excited about that and kept trying to wear them when we got home even though it was 10:30, she was very tired and they're several sizes too big. She's excited for when she gets to start doing pointe in a couple years.

She did a beautiful job in her performance, and you can tell she's really getting stronger at ballet! Her teachers are also very impressed with her and would love her to come back for the summer intensive classes, but she wants a break so we're not going to push her into it. I'm also excited to not have to run kids around for a while and to just stay close to home (the pool, library, store and several parks are all in bike riding distance) most of the summer.

Monday I just did a really hard 1 hour bike ride which was fun. I tried to keep my speed around 19mph, but it was pretty windy so it ended up being 20+ on the way out, and as low as 14 on the way back. It was a good hard effort, though, and I was sore the next day! Then I went and had a spa day with my sister-in-law. We got facials and massages. I had to bring George because it was going to be for longer than he can go without eating, so it wasn't as relaxing as it could have been, but I figure it was still a great start to my recovery week!

Yesterday I did a short recovery swim and 30 minutes of easy spinning on the trainer. Then I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off for the rest of the day. I just had so much stuff I wanted to get done, and I kept wanting to do all of it at once! I finally broke down and made a list. Then what do I end up doing? Cleaning out the Jeep, which was not on the list! Hahaha, so I added it at the bottom so I could mark it off anyway. I did end up getting a lot done which felt really good. I think when I have a light training day I just have more time end energy to notice all the things around the house that need to get done. Anyone else get like that?

Today I tried running for the first time in a week and a half, and (drumroll please...) it wasn't too bad! I just ran 2 slow miles. My foot was hurting kind of bad for almost the first mile, and I was thinking I was not going to be able to do the half marathon. But I thought maybe I just needed to warm up a bit because it was a different kind of pain. It kind of felt more like my foot was stiff from limping around on it for so long. Like I needed to remind it how to run. I'm hoping that's what it was anyway, it doesn't feel worse now so I take that as a good sign. Two more days!

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