Thursday, March 12, 2009


Elle slept all night last night! I was sooooo happy about that! She did wake up at 5:30, but this was ok because I needed to get up anyway. 
R: 100 minute long run combined with tempo effort.
75minutes at RPE3, last 25 minutes at RPE5

S: speed day--tough!
wu: 300 continuous- (alternate 25 swim, 25 kick)
main: 20 x 75 hold constant pace for each-so judge pace in the first few,
cd: 200 easy
I put her back in bed, dawdled around a little bit since it was so cold and dark outside, then layered up and headed out. I wore Pete's base layer pants and shirt under my usual running attire along with a pink beanie and gloves, and I was nice and snug the whole time! I had never really been running in the dark before (at least not around here) so I was a little nervous, but the moon was out and almost full, and I stuck to the well-lighted streets so it really wasn't bad at all. People just seem more sinister when it's dark, though, don't they? With their dark jackets and hoods on. Well, I would probably have a hood on too if I were out that early in the morning. None of them turned out to be lunatics waiting to grab me so that was good. I actually felt really blessed to be out running instead of on my way to work like a lot of those people.

I ran for 50 minutes, then stopped at home for a shot of hammer gel and a bathroom break. I also made sure Mindy was awake so she could be ready to go when I got back. Then I headed back out to finish, and those 40 minutes went by so fast. Already, they are a blur to me. I did the last 25 minutes at a faster tempo, and tried to keep my heart-rate around 170 instead of 150. I did 90 minutes because I'm 10 minutes behind the schedule. Don't worry, I'll catch up though. 

I was sad to find out that I only ran 8 miles. That is if I calculated right with google maps. How could I run 8 miles in 80 minutes last week then do 8 miles in 90 minutes today? I was hoping to do 9. Running outside just has a lot more variables. 

When I got home, Pete was making pancakes for the kids. How sweet hu? I always just make them eat oatmeal. I just had time to stretch, then I took Mindy to school and Pete to work. My plan had been to head up to the pool after this, but I decided against it because Elle has a goopy nose. I debated a little thinking, "I'm sure it will be ok." But then I thought about how I wouldn't want someone else to bring their sick kid to the daycare so why would it be ok for me? Especially as it is RSV season right now. I wouldn't want any babies to get sick.

So, I decided to go shopping! I have been wanting to get some Zoot tri clothing so I found a store that caries that brand and headed over there. It turned out that they only had one tri top in my size, though, and it was ugly. The sales clerk told me that their other store has more, and gave me directions. Like usual, I didn't listen very carefully to the directions because I thought I knew what she was talking about. I ended up getting lost for a while, and had to call Pete to get me the address.  Finally I found the store, though, and they did have a lot more stuff, including a whole 50% off rack! 

The guy who helped me seemed to know a lot about tris and Ironmans and stuff, and he gave me a lot of good advice. When he asked if it was my first IM, I said, "Yeah, it's pretty scary." and he was like, "Scary? It's not scary, it's fun! It's just a long day." So I'm going to try to adopt his attitude, and just have good time. He said, "If you've put your hours in, you'll be fine. Even if you don't put your hours in, you'll still be fine." This was very comforting.  Then he went to answer the phone and said, "This is B.J." I froze. Was this the BJ Christenson who I've read articles by and who got 2nd place at St. George Tri last year, and has at least won it once? He's like a celebrity to me. I didn't dare ask him his last name so when I came home, I looked it up, and yep, it's him. I felt so dumb because I had been talking to him about St. George Tri last year and saying how hard it was, and how I was the last one out of the water and bla bla bla. He was probably like, "what a newb." He said this is the first year in 6 years that he's not doing it. 

Anyway, I did end up buying a new tri top and shorts - not exactly the cute Zoot one that I wanted, but they were 50% off! When I checked out, B.J. told me that those were the shorts Chrissie Wellington wore when she won the world championships in Kona again this year. This reminded me that I haven't gotten around to watching that yet. He ran and grabbed a picture of him with her along with a signed poster of her to show me. Pretty cool! She looked so tiny next to him! She's just so cute and seems like a cool person. I will proudly wear the same shorts as her. I tried to find a picture of her wearing them, and I couldn't, but she's wearing my top in these pictures!

I also bought some more Hammer Gel, Perpetuem and a pair of compression socks. BJ was raving about how great the recovery compression tights are, but I didn't have enough money or time to get measured for them. Maybe I'll get them some other time. He said I will want them. As it was, I spent almost $200, and that's with the clothes being 50% off! What an expensive sport.

I took way too much time at that store - Ethan was 20 minutes late for school. I really need to get better about getting him there on time. Then we came home, and Elle and I were just hanging out (since she slept while I was driving around lost in Holliday) when Pete called to tell me that Mindy had a short day today, and that they had called him because no one picked  her up! I hurried over and picked her up, and I could tell she'd been crying. Poor girl. I had it written on my calendar, but I just don't look at my calendar enough. I told her I was sorry, and we came home and had Oreos to make her feel better.

I'm going to go in tonight to get that swim in. Don't worry. :)

Sorry this post was so long, by the way! Can you believe how much I can ramble on about one little shopping trip?

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  1. That's so cool that you got to meet a "celebrity!" And I think his attitude is right. Long, long day, but you're going to do great!