Saturday, July 21, 2012

Recipe for Sore Legs


1 run workout on the track with 6 x 5:00 zone 4 intervals
1 bike workout with 6 x 5:00 zone 4 intervals
5100 yards of swimming
11 mile run (long and flat)
60 mile bike ride followed by 3 mile run

Lots of water
5 servings hammer gel
1/2 bottle Perpetuem
1 honey stinger peanut butter and honey bar (SO good!)
2 chocolate/banana/spinach recovery shakes
1 Chipotle burrito


Add all ingredients together gradually over 4 consecutive days.

Your welcome! :)

Oh, and compression socks are highly recommended following this recipe.

And so is a nap.

Unless you can't sleep. Then you can just post on your blog.

Today while I was out on my long (3:40) bike ride, my dad and brother brought over 2 new beds to replace Mindy and Ethan's beds that were either broken or about to break. They are bigger and take up more space in their rooms, but they were a huge blessing because I didn't really have money in the budget to buy 2 new beds! Hopefully they will last them a nice long time too.

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