Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bad Things Happen

My week started off pretty good. George was just getting over being sick and it was a beautiful day on Monday so I took the stroller out for the first time in a loooong time. George was so excited! It was hard pushing that heavy boy when I'm not used to it at all, and I tried to do some one-block pick ups since it was supposed to be a speed work day. They were not very speedy, but it made me work!

We ran past a skate park and saw some kids out there with shovels clearing the snow off so they could skateboard. I thought that was pretty cool!

So after Monday, I was feeling great, and I was excited to try Zumba again on Tuesday since my ankles are feeling all better. It was so much fun, and she mixes in some weights, push-ups and squats too so it's a killer workout! I was so happy I went because it relieved a lot of the stress I was feeling. I was so busy the rest of the day that I didn't even have a chance to change out of my Zumba clothes and the Nike Frees that I wore there. They are not very good shoes for standing around in, and that's what I did all day since I was working on cake stuff. By the end of the day, the middle toe on my left foot felt really bruised and I was actually limping on it so it felt so good to finally go to bed. I wish I knew if it was the Zumba or the standing around that made my foot hurt. I really want to keep going to Zumba! 

My foot was still sore the next day so skipped running and ballet and just did a lot of work on the cakes.

The next day it was feeling mostly better, but I was too busy with my big cake + cupcake order that needed to be done that afternoon that I didn't have a chance to run. When the kids went to swimming lessons, I decided to just bring George in and let him swim with us, which meant I was just walking around with him the whole time. Not a great workout, but I'm glad we got to do something fun for Valentine's Day. We also got pizza so that was fun for the kids too.

By the time we got home from swimming, I was starting to feel a cold coming on. Pete and I watched a movie, and the cold had totally hit me by the time I went to bed. Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday is usually a rest day anyway so it wasn't a big deal to just take that day off to recover from my cold (other than the fact that I'd taken the last 2 days off already!), but I planned on still running Saturday, dangit!

I still felt pretty miserable Saturday morning, though, so I didn't go. Then Pete's friend offered him a free pass to Snowbird so he went snowboarding last minute and Mindy went to ballet so I didn't have anyone to stay with the kids while I ran anyway. I did get to take a nap, then take a shower which helped me feel a lot better so I took the kids to the Hansen Planetarium when we picked up Min. I was so glad to be feeling better because Pete and I had a date planned.

We went up to Ogden to the Banff Mountain Film Festival. We went last year and really enjoyed it so we wanted to go back this year, and we were not disappointed. It was really good, though it is 3 hours long so my head was starting to hurt again by the end.

When the show was over, we went outside and stood there for a few minutes waiting for our friends to come out. We had been separated because it was so full when we got there. We were standing there talking when we heard a loud crash. We turned around expecting to see two cars, but there was just one and there was something on the ground. It was people! Three people had been hit by this pickup truck. I'll spare you the details, but it was very traumatic. I went over to help, but there were already a lot of people over there and two of them were EMTs so I just stood there helplessly until Pete grabbed my arm and we got out of the way, shaking. They all seemed ok, and the ambulance arrived before we even got to our car so that was a relief, but I couldn't stop replaying the whole thing in my mind all night, and all morning. I didn't sleep very well, and kept looking for updates on how they were doing on the Internet. This morning I found an article that said they were all taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition. That was a relief. I really hope they're all ok. It was a reminder about how fragile life is and how we need to savor every moment we have with the ones we love. I was so grateful that my kids were safe and sound in their beds when we got home. It's scary how fast your life can be totally changed like that. I will be keeping all 4 of those people in my thoughts and prayers.

Today I have been feeling really sick again, but in a different way. After a rough night, I actually threw up this morning and have been sick to my stomach all day. I thought at first it was just nerves from last night, but I don't think it would have lasted all day if that were the case. Maybe it was from eating at Dee's on our way home, or maybe I'm just stick. Who knows.


Tomorrow is president's day, and I really hope to get a run in and to go to the climbing gym with Pete and the kids. We'll see how we all feel in the morning, though. Pete's also nursing a sore ankle from snowboarding.

Fittingly, I read a little biography about George Washington today while I sad in bed. It was really interesting, he had quite a life! I hope you all have a great holiday tomorrow!

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  1. I'm sorry you are so sick! I hope you get better today and have a great day. I think we are finally getting better. Tom ended up getting sick after I got sick. Just glad Emma seems to be over it for over a couple weeks now. If you need anything let me know!