Monday, February 25, 2013

Photo Update

Here is my weekend in photos... starting with Thursday. :)

 Wanting to go snowboarding, but happy to be at home with my sweet boy at the same time.

4 mile tempo run on the treadmill! Longest treadmill run in a while, and I got a blister. To that I say, "toe skin, stop being such a baby!"

 A party at the ballet studio where we made snowflake ballerinas which was fitting for all the snow we'd get the next day!

I learned that drivers are really nice to you when you're running in a blizzard. I ran 5 miles to our favorite breakfast spot where I planned to meet Pete and the kids. Running in the snowstorm was SO AWESOME! Seriously the best run I've had in a long time! (It's hard to tell how hartd it's snowing, but I was wearing a green beenie on top of my hat which just looks white.) Running in fresh snow is really not slippery, it's more like running in stand. I felt really stable, except when crossing streets or where someone had shoveled. I was actually glad to be running on the snow-covered sidewalk as opposed to driving on the slushy road, and Pete actually got lightly rear-ended driving over.

 I felt warm for pretty much my whole run, but when I stopped, I started getting cold so some hot chocolate was really welcome! (George was taking shots of it out of the cream cup, so cute!)

 Snowboarding with the kids didn't quite workout because Brighton was so busy we couldn't even find a parking spot so we went to this awesome sledding hill insdead.

 See, Pete carrying our little monkey?

He loved the trees, the snow and the mountains. Can you blame him?

It was Elle's first time out on her new snowboard and she is a natural!

She even had her own perosnal ski lift.

Mindy didn't have the greatest time because she kept getting hurt and she didn't like this hill. Hopefully she'll have more fun next time!

The kids also rode their snowboards down the hill like sleds a bunch of times which looked pretty crazy and fun. That's what Ethan's doing here I think (white and black kid in the middle), but Elle's standing up riding down there on the right!

Monday morning it was back to the grindstone. I was going to do my whole 4-miles-with-intervals on the treadmill, but I could only make it a mile before my foot started hurting. I don't know why my foot hurts when I run on the treadmill. I also thought it would be more fun to run on the track anyway so I moved in here, and this is my timer for that. I did my next 2 miles as 4 3/4 laps (about .25 miles) fast, then 2 laps slow for 28 laps (I think that means I did 5 intervals...) Then I cooled down and finished out 3 miles with this time. You can see I messed up hitting the lap button on that second to last lap. :)

Afterwards, I did 30 calf-raises, a one minute wall sit and 40 pull-ups! Yes, 40! Ok, they were assisted with 40lbs taken off and I did them in sets of 5 on different grips, but still. It was a good workout.

I also fit going to the climbing gym with Pete in there, but we didn't take any pictures because we were too busy! I got a new harness and we bought a new rope so we're all set for Vegas! I did 13 1/2 routes which is a record for me I think. It was so much fun and a great workout!

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