Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Wahoo, I got to go to Zumba today! That is always so much fun.

I'm so glad that George likes to go to the daycare now so it's no big deal for me to go. He made this crown there a little while ago. So fun!

I love it! The Zumba class I go to is combined with Ripped which means, in between dancing and trying really hard to pretend to be Latino and not the only skinny white girl in the room, we get to lift weights and do push-ups and squats and all that fun stuff. It's Awesome!

The only problem is that it's an hour and a half long class so I have to pay for 2 hours in the daycare for 2 kids (since Elle doesn't have school on Tuesdays, she goes too) if I want to go to the whole class. Usually I just show up 15 minutes late because they'll let you go 1:15 before they charge you for the second hour, but the class ended late today so I went over my time anyway. Oh well, it was still fun. Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and go to the whole class next time.

Yesterday was such an ideal holiday too! It started off wonderfully with me feeling better (YAY!), which was followed by the sun shining and the air quality being pretty good! You know what that means! Yep, I got to run outside! It was a really slow 3 miles after taking a week off, but it was so great! I wish it didn't take half an hour to start feeling good when I run because I get to the end and don't want to stop! But I didn't want to push it, especially because I could tell my lungs were not back to 100% yet, so I just left it at 3 miles and was happy to have done any at all!

I went home, brought Pete some hot chocolate because he had caught my cold, took a shower and made stir fry for lunch! So ambitious, I know! It just felt SO great to not be sick anymore! After lunch, we packed the kids and the climbing gear into the car and drove to Ogden to go to The Front climbing gym. It was so much fun. We're really getting the hang of bringing the kids there and getting some climbing in ourselves.

We start out with letting the kids climb until they're tired, then they go into the little play room with George and watch movies or play and have snacks while Pete and I climb.

I did 3 pretty easy routes in a row with no rests, then belayed Pete while he did some and gave my arms a rest. Then I got back on and did 2 kind of harder ones in a row. By the end, I was falling off because my arms were just tired. Elle was ready to climb again too, so I was happy to be done and let her go again.

I really need to work on my endurance because we want to be able to have several good days of climbing in a row while we're in Vegas. We're 6 weeks out now! But Pete added me onto his pass for The Front while we were up there so now I can go as often as I want (or as often as I'm able to really) so that's exciting!

We're also 16 weeks out from our half marathon! I'm totally falling behind schedule with all my dumb little problems that keep coming up, but my sister just asked me to add another running day to her schedule today because she doesn't feel like she's being challenged enough! Go Katie! I'm so proud of her, she's doing really well with her training! I really hope she has a much better experience this year! I'm excited to get back into running again too, and hope all goes well this week!

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