Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Decisions, decisions...

My doctor's orders after this last stress test were to basically do the same thing as last week, but with a day to rest in between my 50 minute run and snowboarding. So I decided I would do 30 minutes on Tuesday and 50 on Friday.

Yesterday was the 30 minute day, and I got up bright (er, dark) and early and got it done on the track at the gym. It was hard, but I feel like it wasn't as hard as that first half hour run! That's a good sign. My Achilles felt good the whole time and it felt good afterwards too. So far so good!

Then I decided to stick more to my doctor's plan and skip Zumba this week. Instead, I went home and spent a ridiculous amount of time on my nails. It seems crazy to do it, but if I don't put shellac on them, they break so badly and it drives me crazy! It doesn't hurt that they look pretty this way too. I was pretty happy with how they turned out! Sparkle!! 

I thought about going to ballet in the evening, but Pete ended up not getting home in time. It was probably better that way anyway. I need to ease into all this! On the way home from picking Mindy up from her ballet classes, I said, "Maybe I'll just forget about ballet." She was so shocked and said, "WHAT!? How could you even say such a thing?!" That made me so happy that she just loves it so much! I will probably keep going, I just need to make sure I can do this running thing right now.

Today was my nice sleep in Wednesday! I actually slept in a little too much and we had a little bit of a hurried morning, but it was ok. I reminded myself that every moment matters, and I think that really helps me stay nice and positive.

After the kids were in school, I made a smoothie for Pete and I and tried out putting some egg whites in it, since I had some handy, along with our usual stuff. It was really good and creamy. I liked it, but I don't recommend drinking it before a workout.

I did the Paula Radcliff and the Core Crunch Nike Training Club workouts (15 minutes each) and I felt kind of sick afterwards. I hadn't really planned on that workout, but just did it because I had the time. I'm usually better about planning my meals around workouts. Oh well, live and learn. I was fine after a little while. I also did my foot workouts that my PT gave me a while back while George played on my phone.

In the afternoon, I dropped the car off for an oil change a mile away from my house, and walked home with George in the stroller. Then walked back a couple hours later to pick it up, so I got 2 miles total of walking done. It's a good thing too because we didn't end up getting to go swimming in the evening like I had planned. The kids were pretty disappointed, and excited to go next time when I don't have a car in the shop taking up all our time.

Now I've been sitting here for the last hour or two, trying to decide what half marathon to do instead of spending nearly $100 on the Salt Lake City Half Marathon. It's just so expensive, I have a hard time paying that when I could do 2 half marathons or a tri for that price! I think I've decided on the Striders Winter Race Series Half Marathon on April 5th. It's the first half of the Ogden Marathon, and I've heard a lot of good things about it. Plus it's almost half the price of the SLC one. We'll see. I hate making decisions!! (I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've done either race!)


  1. I'm running the Striders Winter half, and I'm really excited about it. A friend and I are doing the whole series, which was only $100 when we signed up for it last fall.

    $100 is too much for a half marathon - that's what kept me away from the Huntsvtille half last fall - I can't remember the real name, but it goes down the same canyon as the Ogden Marathon. I think $70 is my limit... this is a hobby!

    If you choose the Striders Ogden Half, you can carpool with us!

    1. Awesome! That helps me a lot with my decision!! :)

  2. I dont know when it is this year but the AF Canyon half is really fun and such a beautiful run.

    1. I did the Timp Half last year, I wonder if it's similar? But I loved that one!

    2. I guess any race where they drop you off high up in the canyon and you run down is going to be awesome. It wasn't expensive though and they had french toast after.

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