Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Ice Castles of Midway

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments  and messages you sent me about yesterday's post. I hope it didn't sound like I don't feel like I have any friends, because that wasn't what I meant by it. I really do have so many wonderful friends, and I'm so grateful for all of you!! Thanks for making me feel loved. :)

Today was such a beautiful day! We woke up to just enough snow to make it all white and pretty outside. The sky was blue with a nice warm sun when Pete and I went out to shovel our driveway. It was so nice to just be outside. We had neglected our driveway since before Christmas because we got sick and have been pretty much just trying to survive for the past few weeks so it was good to get out and get that cleared out a little today. 

I was also happy to let that be my workout for the day since I was so sore from spin class yesterday! But, I'm happy to report that my Achilles still feels really, really good after my test run yesterday! Yay!

In the afternoon we drove up to Midway which is where I'm from, and where my Dad still lives. We picked my dad up and went over to the Ice Castles. These are really cool man made formations, that with a little money, you can go walk around in. There were a ton of people there and a pretty long line to wait in before we could go in, but it was still cool to see.

It was hard to get good lighting for a picture, but it was really pretty! It was really big with a bunch of different little hallways and rooms to go in. There was also a few waterfalls and a thrown which I didn't get a picture of because everyone was freezing and ready to go home by the time we got to them.

Here we are at the beginning while everyone was still relatively warm and happy. We forgot George's hat so we had to improvise with a scarf.

Elle also forgot to bring a coat so she's wearing one of my dad's. It didn't bother her, though, she's cute no matter what she wears.

Mindy's boots were not waterproof and her poor feet were freezing by the end! If you decide to go see this cool attraction, make sure to wear all your warmest snow clothes, boots and gloves!! I really didn't know what to expect when we headed out so we weren't as prepared as we should have been!

Poor George was crying about his hands being cold at the end so we had to make a hasty retreat to my dad's house for some hot chocolate, and then a soak in the hot tub!

Then we went to a crazy busy Mexican restaurant (actually 2 since we thought our first pick, Tarahumara, was too busy so we went to Tony's Tacos instead which was just as bad!) for dinner where everyone thought they would die before we got food! Haha, I guess we weren't the only ones who thought today was the perfect day for some ice castles and Mexican food in Midway! It was a fun day, though!

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