Saturday, March 8, 2014

Anniversary Trip - Climbing at Black Rocks

This month Pete and I are celebrating our 13 year anniversary! CRAZY! We decided we wanted to do a trip to Vegas again, and it happend to fall just at the right time to go to some parties Pete's print ordering site, Instaproofs, was sponsering for WPPI. Perfect!

We drove down to St. George last Saturday where I dropped him off for an Instaproofs meeting, then went to my friends house. I pulled up and her kids were all excited to see me. I was worried they would be disappointed when they saw I didn't have my kids, but they weren't. They were so cute and sweet and all gathered around to watch me eat (they had already had dinner but saved me some), and tell me all about their day and the cool things going on in their lives. I loved it! They totally made me feel so loved! 

It was a nice relaxing night and after our husbands got home (they were both at the meeting together), we stayed up until like 2am catching up with our friends who we hadn't seen in way too long. 

In the morning, Pete and I decided to go climbing at Black Rocks since it will be closing in a couple weeks due to the fact that it is a nesting area for the protected tortoises that live down there (that I have never seen). 

It was such a beautiful day! Can you believe these colors!?

You hike out on red dirt to the canyon where it suddenly turns into black rocks. It's a really cool place and fun to just hike around in! We went climbing here last almost exactly a year ago.

Here's the first route we decided to do. Pete went first, then pulled the rope so I could lead it too. It was so scary! So much harder than the gym!

But I did it!

I came down and we both lead it again. I cleaned it this time which is still scary for me so I had a lot of practice keeping calm under pressure.

Then we moved over to find our next route, and some guys that were leaving told us this one was his favorite route out here so I guess we had to do it! Pete went up first and it seemed much harder so I decided to just top rope it.

I started out like a trooper, not using the rope, and made it over that big boulder! Yeah!

But then it got really hard and scary. Here I am hanging on the rope, talking myself in to finishing it. I  got really frustrated and almost started crying, but I eventually made it to the top! I even managed to clean it. Whew, it was hard! It was getting really warm in the sun on that black rock so we decided to call it a day after this route.

It was such a great day! We got some sun, got out of our comfort zones, and got to be together. I loved it so much! It was a perfect start to our anniversary trip!

As soon as we finished, we just stopped at a gas station for gas and snacks and headed to Las Vegas!

We didn't get to check into our hotel until 2 hours after we got there so we walked around the complex a little and hung out in the hot tub while we waited. It was a little cool to hang out by the pool for too long.

We ate at Lotus of Siam again, and I got some really spicy food again! You'd think I'd learn...

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