Sunday, March 9, 2014

Anniversary Trip - WPPI Party Hoppers

Tuesday morning, we took it easy and went to Rise and Shine, a Steak and Egg Place. It was a cute place. The waitresses were in pajamas, and look at this cute little pot of bread?! It was so amazing, slightly sweet with a little bit of cinnamon swirled in. I ordered an omelet which came with hash browns. It was really good, but I was only able to eat half of it.

After breakfast, we went shopping for a shirt for Pete and accessories for me, and I found the perfect handbag to go with my shoes! It was a pretty laid back morning. When we got back to the hotel, I went for a pretty easy 3 mile run on Las Vegas Boulevard which is the street the strip is on, but our hotel was too far away to really be interesting. There was actually a section where the sidewalk disappeared and I had to run on dirt off the road. It was hot and windy and I turned around at the dead pidgin.

When I got back, I ate the rest of my omelet which was perfect! Then we went down and hung out at the pool for a while. It was a little bit chilly so we were sad that most of the lazy river was in the shade. It was nice, though. Then we went back in and got ready for our night out.

We made it to the MGM Grand, which is where we were supposed to meet our shuttle for the first party, with about half an hour to spare. We went to this Italian place called Otto where we got a quick Margarita Pizza to share. I loved these doors there!

We stood around with a few other people at the entrance to MGM Grand and no one really knew what was going on or where we were going. Finally, some guys from Richard Photo Lab, who were throwing the party, came and got us and we all went outside to await the mystery shuttle. When it got there it was this awesome, huge party bus! So rad!

The bus had loud music playing and lights flashing so it was really exciting! We still didn't know where we were going, and when we saw The Peppermill, Pete said, "Please be the Peppermill!" And then we turned in! It was awesome! So retro and psychedelic! There were these pits, that you can kind of see behind me here, that were full of water with fire in the middle!

It was pretty awesome! They gave us all 2 tickets for free drinks, and they also had food for everyone which was nice, but nothing amazing. We did kind of feel out of place with all these photographers, and I must admit that I felt a little too self conscious to pull out my phone and take many pictures. Silly, I know. :) It was cool to talk to some of the people, though. They were from all over - Chicago, Canada, California -  and it was so cool to hear them say, "Instaproofs? Oh yeah, I use that." Instaproofs is kind of like our (Ok, Pete's, I'm technically not really part of it) baby so that just made my heart happy all night!

After a couple hours, we decided it was time to make our way over to the second party - The Silver Rush Party. We kind of still felt like we didn't really know what was going on, but we knew it was at the Artisan Hotel so we grabbed a cab and he took us right over. Too bad we were some of the first people there so not much was going on yet which made it feel even more confusing. We were just kind of like, "What are we supposed to do?" They did take our picture with this cool little instant photo camera, kind of like a smaller version of a Polaroid then they had an iPad to upload it onto. 

You can go look at all the photos people uploaded here

Here's pretty much the only picture I took so you can kind of see the decor.  

It was a lot different from the first party. It was a really cool place and decorated nicely, but there was no free drinks or food (that we knew of, like I said, we didn't really know what was going on...) which was disappointing. We ordered some stuffed figs or something off the hotel's menu and there were only 4 tiny little things on the plate when he brought it out. They were really good, but not enough for me!

Here I am on the back patio where the band played - before anyone else was out there.

Luckily, after wandering around and exploring a little, we met the band that was going to start playing soon. They seemed like really cool guys. They are the Lee Koch Trio and they were really good so once they started playing, it was a lot more fun.

When the band went on their break at about midnight, we decided to call it a night. We had to get a picture by the instaproofs sign on (or slightly off...) the red carpet first. It was a fun, though tiring, night and so awesome to be there representing instaproofs!

We stopped at McDonald's for some Egg McMuffins on our way back to the hotel! Whew, we are not party animals! LOL

The next day we made our way back home. It was good to be back, but we were also sad to leave so soon. There will have to be another Vegas trip in our future.

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