Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lamest April Fools Day Gag: Its Christmas Day! April Fools!

This was our little April Fools joke the weather played on us this morning. Isn't it beautiful!?

At breakfast I told the kids, "Merry Christmas!" They were like, "hu?" That sure got the "April Fools!" jokes flowing. It was a fun day.

After dropping the kids off at school, I took Elle over to my Primary President's house so she could play with her little girl and I could go to the General Conference Primary Presidency Workshop. (or something like that) That's right, I didn't tell you, I got called into the Primary Presidency in my ward. We have a whole new presidency and I'm the 1st counselor. Fun stuff! I'm actually really excited about this and hope I can do a good job. The workshop couldn't have been at a better time since I really don't know anything about being in a primary presidency. Here's the beautiful building I got to for the meeting:

It was such a great meeting, and I just really feel that the children are so special and so important and being in the primary is such an important job. I'm excited to get to know the kids in our primary a little better and be able to serve them.

The lady who sat next to me came down from Oregon for this! I guess she probably came down for all of General Conference which is this weekend, but still. That is so awesome! I just feel so blessed to live so close to the Church headquarters so that I can go to things like this. It was cool to be in the same room as the General Primary Presidency. At one point, the president was talking and she said when she got called he told her she was going to be taking care of all the children in the whole world and did she think she could handle that. She said she knew she couldn't do it, but that with The Lord she can. I'm grateful to be able to help out with that here in our little ward.

When I got home, Elle and I had lunch then we watched The Swan Princess and I rode my bike on the trainer for 50 minutes while we watched it. That was fun. She's just so cute! We had to stop it early to go pick the kids up, but we finished it when we got home, then cleaned up the basement.

As a reward for helping clean, the kids got one of the popsicles I made yesterday.

So, they weren't quite as much like banana cream sickles as I would have liked. They were more icy than creamy. But they were good, and I think the kids were pretty happy with them.

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