Thursday, April 8, 2010

Womanly Issues Week

Sorry guys (if I have any guy followers), I'm warning you right now that there might be mention of some girl stuff that you may not want to read about. Just skip down to then end if you get grossed out easily, and you should be safe!

So, I was scheduled to do 5 miles with hills on Monday, and I did get up early to do it, just not early enough since Elle had gotten in bed with me and was all cuddly when my alarm went off. For some reason I find it really difficult to get up in these situations! When I got up, I asked Pete if I had time to run before his ride came and he said probably not, so I just stuck around and helped out with breakfast. Pete actually ended up not getting a ride at all so I just told him he could take the car. I knew this meant no run for me, but I was feeling pretty yucky Because my period had just started anyway and didn't really want to do it. He suggested I get a friend to watch the kids (it's spring break so all the kids are home) and still go, but I just didn't bother. When Elle went to sleep, I laid down and took a nap too. I was seriously bleeding so much, it was a little scary! It took a lot out of me. I had really bad cramps and body achs and I was tired and couldn't get enough to eat. On one hand I felt like having it be my time of the month was a really bad excuse not to work out, but then on the other hand, bleeding profusely is a pretty good excuse!

Tuesday was the same story, but I just kept thinking about how much harder my long run on Saturday would be if I missed my week day runs so I decided to go do the 5 miles on the treadmill. I dropped the kids at the childcare, and they were so excited to get to go. I ran the first mile nice and slow, but then I had to stop and walk! I was thinking, "this is going to be a long 5 miles!" I started running again, and I made it another mile before I had to stop again. This time I had to go to the bathroom. When I got there, I realized my shorts were pretty much soaked with blood! luckily I was wearing my black tri shorts so you couldn't tell. I had forgotten to bring an extra tampon, and they didn't have any dispensers in there. I even ran out to my car to see if I had any in there in case of emergency, but nothing! Well, there was no way I could stay, and I felt like I might pass out or something anyway so I just got the kids after half an hour and went home to get cleaned up. I guess 2 miles is better than nothing, but arg! What a day! I felt pretty terrible the rest of the day, and just could not belice how much I was bleeding. It was hard not to wonder if something was wrong! It's so weird how quickly we forget things. It's like when it snows in April and everyone just can't believe it, but I was looking back on my archive of last year at this time and the weather was exactly the same!

So, my question is: is it normal for your period to interfere with your training? I feel like such a baby, and that I'm the only one who let's it affect me so much, but is that just because it's embarassing and no one wants to talk about it? What do you do to make it through your time of the month?

I just hate it with a passion, but I've always had really bad cramps. In fact, when I was first in labor with Mindy, I thought it wasn't so bad, it's just like bad period cramps but they only last 30 secods at a time then you get a break! I thought that break was nice. So yeah, I seriously want to cry when it comes around every month.

Ok, that was my rant, I'll stop talking about that now!

Tuesday I also ate pretty much a whole box of Samoas. Yeah, I'm pretty sure those have sugar in them. As the first ingrediant. After that I've been good, though.

Yesterday I still didn't feel up to running, and Pete took the car again so I did an hour on the trainer. I also rode my cruiser with the kids to the gatway and back because it was finally a really nice day! We brought sandwiches and watched the fountain while we ate them (of course Mindy and Ethan got all wet too), then we got the girls some shoues that will go with their flower girl dresses for my dad's wedding. It was great to get out!

This morning I made sure to get up early enough to run outside because I couldn't stand the thought of 7 miles on the treadmill again! Ileft at about 6:40, and the sun wasn't up yet, but it was pretty much light so that was nice! For the first half I just couldn't get going very fast. My feet hurt and it was like my legs had forgotten how to move fast! I plugged along, though and ran up 2nd Avenue. When I got to 3.5 miles, I noticed a 7-11 just a block up from me! I never knew that was there! I knew they'd have a bathroom and I was about ready for a stop so I ran the extra block uphill to get there. It did indeed have a bathroom and a very nice lady was working there so I was really happy when I headed back down. I stopped at about 3.6 miles and it had taken me 38 minutes. Pretty slow.

I was able to speed up and have fun on the way home, though, and it only took me half an hour!

Here are my splits:
  1. 10:17
  2. 10:31
  3. 10:46
  4. 9:46
  5. 8:42
  6. 8:49
  7. 9:16
Total Distance: 7 miles
Total Time: 1:08:11
Average Pace: 9:45 min/mile

I love running downhill! I have a fun point to point run planned for Saturday where I'll get to run downhill pretty much the whole way! It will be good practice for The Utah Valley Marathon, and it should be fun!


  1. The first two days of my period are quite painful and I've found two ways of dealing with training during this time that work for me.

    First is to just take days off from training. If training is otherwise consistent, then this shouldn't matter. Just be sure not to beat yourself up over it. Accept it and shift sessions to your next planned rest day.

    Second is to train through, but alter training so that I'm only doing easy/low intensity sessions. I find this is less stressful.

    You may also want to talk to your doctor about mefenamic and tranexamic acids. I take them in combo to ease the pain and reduce flow. I don't take the full dosage, but it does help immensely. No more curling up in bed crying from cramps.

    I'm sure you'll find you are not alone!


  2. Wow. Umm, I think you are justified on this one! I haven't really had a period since I got an IUD after Annie. I used to have periods like yours and I remember it effecting my training in HS and college. I remember laying on the bathroom floor a lot...moaning.

  3. Thanks guys!

    CleoPompom, thanks for the good advice. I think if I just plan to take the first 2 days off, or at least take it really easy, it will be a lot better for me. I just get all stressed about missing my workouts. I'm sure it's not that big of a deal, though, as long as I'm usually consistent.

    goSonja - wow, no period for what 4 years?! I'm very envious of you! I have an IUD also, but it didn't do anything to my period.