Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wonderful Spring!

Yesterday I went for a run early in the morning, and it was so nice out. I wore a long sleeve shirt, and it was even a little too warm by the end. I ran up that steep hill to the capitol again. It's such a killer hill, and I got going pretty slow! I actually did stop and walk for a minute. I kept going up until I hit 2.5 miles, then came home.

Total Distance: 5 miles
Total Time: 48:00

It was a good run, and I was relieved my feet didn't hurt during it because when I first put my shoes on they felt so tight! I felt like my toes were all smashed on top of each other. I don't know what the deal with that was. They've been fine until now.

I hurried home to take a shower, eat breakfast (made by my wonderful husband, thank you!) and take the kids to school in time to get ready and go to the Red Cross to donate blood. I made an appointment when they called me during my brick run the other day. I was totally happy to go do it. Did you know, by donating blood, you can save the lives of up to 3 people. That's awesome! Elle came with me, and just watched Lion King and ate the snacks they had there. She was really good, even though it took me about 15 minutes to give blood. For the rest of the day, I took it pretty easy, ate and drank a lot. I also went and got the jeep seats all shampooed. There was throw-up on there from when Elle was sick the other day so it was really nice to get that all cleaned up.

By the evening my foot was bothering me, and I had to take my shoes off (different shoes), and I noticed that my toes and the top of my foot by felt sore - like they were bruised, and maybe even a little swollen. I put ice on my foot for about half an hour before bed, and it felt better today. I guess it's still a little tender, but it feels fine.

This morning I woke up with a sore neck. I hate it when that happens! I still wanted to go swim, though. I was a little worried about making my neck worse so I took it pretty easy. I basically did my warmup (200 kick, 200 swim, 200 pull, 200 swim) to see how I felt. My neck would hurt when I'd pull with that arm, but it didn't get any worse so I kept going. I got done with my warmup set and thought about getting out, but for once I had my own lane! Of course, the day I have a sore neck I have my own lane. I just couldn't leave so I decided to do 300 more with the pull buoy. While I was doing that, someone did end up getting in my lane with me. I actually don't mind sharing a lane, but I wasn't going to stay too much longer. I finished my 300, then did 100 easy to cool down.

Total Distance: 1200 meters
Total Time: about 45 minutes

I always forget to take pain killers when I'm in pain. It took me until after I picked the kids up from school, when I was sick of my neck hurting, to finally remember to take some ibuprofen. When that kicked in, it felt much better. I do hope it's all the way better tomorrow for my run.

Here's a fun picture I took of the kids in the yard this evening. I was out watering the garden, and Pete was working on the chicken coop. That's right, a chicken coop. We're going to get chickens! Crazy, I know, but it will be good for the eggs! We're all excited for that.

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