Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 Weeks to Go!

I had my 37 week checkup today, and everything went well. I'm dilated to 1 cm, and my doctor said that was good progress from my last visit! She set up an appointment for me to be induced on January 14, but it's just tentative, we might have to cancel if she doesn't think I'm ready enough by then. I really am still hoping to go into labor ON my awesome due date (1/11/11), but if I don't get that day, I'm ok with waiting a little longer. Though it would be nice to have a for sure day to plan babysitters around, let him come when he's ready.

My doctor said, "You've only gained one pound this week. Congratulations!" I'm not too surprised since I'm still not really eating that much. Even when I do feel hungry, I can't fit that much food in my stomach. I feel bad that I'm probably not getting all the nutrients the baby needs, so I finally went in and picked up my prescription for prenatal vitamins today. I had a ton of samples so I used those up until maybe a month ago.

So far, I think I've gained 22 pounds, but that's a lot when you step down from a car bumper and you're not used to the weight. My leg was hurting for a few minutes after doing that last night while helping Pete tie some big ol' boxes onto the top of our car:

Have I mentioned how much I love our car? Seriously. Especially in the winter. I'm always so glad to have the all-wheel drive and traction control. It is sweet!

Yesterday we dropped the kids off with my Dad and he took them to Heber where the good snow is, and they're having a grand time. He had taken the days off to watch them while we went to St. George, and they were so excited to go, we decided to still have them go even though we aren't going to St. George anymore.

Since the kids were gone, and we were able to fold all the seats down in the Jeep, we decided last night was a good time to go get the couch we've been wanting from ikea. Merry Christmas to us! It was actually a really fun date night. We had an early dinner at Bombay House, went to ikea and got our couch, and took the long, slow way home so we wouldn't lose it. Once we got home, we couldn't find any instructions so it took some thinking to figure out how to put it together. Then we opened the slip covers and found instructions! So, if you ever order a couch from ikea, make sure to look in with the slip covers for the instructions!

It took us a few hours to put together, but it was fun, and made us feel like furniture builders! Now we have a nice big couch in our basement just in time for having everyone over for Christmas! Yay! (It's even red!) I'll post a picture of it once I can get passed all the boxes to get back down there!

Speaking of Christmas, it sure is coming up soon, isn't it? Here's our cute little gingerbread house:

(it came pre-assembled from Costco, all we had to do was decorate! That was stressful enough with 3 kids trying to help!)

PS - sorry about all the unintentional ads in this post. First Jeep and Ikea, and now Costco! Jeez!


  1. Cute gingerbread house...ours never look that good because I just let the kids do whatever they want!!

  2. 1.11.11 - That would be awesome!!!

    And we need photos of the couch :)