Thursday, December 9, 2010

Birds Nest, Humans Stress

I'm at 35 weeks and counting (5 more to go!!). Here's what I look like today (Well, last night...and thank you, Pete, for telling me there was a sticker on my belly!):

I would say I'm officially to the "nesting" stage of this pregnancy. Actually I've been there for a while, but there's really not much I can do right now. Here's the story.

Right now we've got all 3 kids in the same room, upstairs, next to ours.

We're not really wanting to squeeze a crib in there too.

There is a bedroom in the basement, but the windows (like all the windows in the basement) are not to code. What that means is that if there was a fire, the windows are too small for a fireman to get in to rescue someone. Not an ideal place to put my precious little girls.

No big deal. When we found out I was pregnant, we started getting our debts paid off and saving up to put a new, bigger window in. We were thinking we would need about $2000 to do this. Well, the first guy came in and gave us an estimate of $1500 so we were really happy with that. We even told him we'd do whatever work we could to keep the price down, like digging the hole outside.

In digging the hole we found out that this house (built in 1914) originally didn't have a basement. It just had a shelf foundation (I think that's what it's called). Someone went in, dug the basement out and poured in a huge cement footing. This kind of gets in the way of the window, and it would also mess with the structure of the foundation if we cut it without pouring more cement.

The first guy had another guy, who specializes more in this kind of thing, come in and look at it, and the estimate suddenly turned into $4,200!

Um, ok, that's a lot more to chew on.

So, now we're wondering if it's even worth it to put that much into this house (just for a window!), and how much we could get if we tried to sell, then we could just rent a bigger place for the same price we're paying on our mortgage.

We talked to a realtor who went to run the numbers, but haven't really gotten any answers back. We're just kind of in limbo, which is a place I hate to be. I want to get stuff done!

We've also talked to the first contractor and he's still willing to put a bigger window in for the price he gave us, but it might not be strictly to code. This seems ok to me, as long as the kids are safe down there.

Still waiting to hear back from the realtor to see what he thinks about that.

What would you do??

I just hate sitting around waiting. Like I said, there's really not much I can do. I'd love to show you the crib set I made, but we have nowhere to put the crib yet so you'll have to settle for a sneak peak:

I'd also love to show you the matching car seat cover I made, but we don't have a car seat yet.

I have sanded 2 dressers and painted one. The second one is waiting for the paint. Ethan wants it to be red, but I did the first one white and it looks so nice I just want to do the second one white too. It will be for the boys though. I can't decide. What do you think?

Icing On The Cake

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment, and everything went just fine, but I asked her about our trip we had planned to St. George (about 5 hours away) in 2 weeks. Pete's business partner and company is down there and we were going to leave the kids with my dad, go down for the Christmas party and to see our friends. Um, yeah, I wasn't really thinking about the fact that I'll be 37 weeks pregnant at that point when we made the hotel reservation. Sadly, my doctor said it would probably be fine, but that she doesn't recommend I go. (Shocking, hu?) I was so looking forward to one last trip alone with Pete before the baby's born. I guess it's better for us to listen to the doctor though.

Also, yesterday, I found out that I did not make Team Trackers. I'm not really surprised, and it's probably better this way since I'll have a new baby and won't be able to train, travel or race too much, but it's hard not to be a little bummed about it. I am really excited for my 2 blog/twitter friends, MAraul and Tribirdie, who did get in, though! Congratulations!

So, that's about it. Less than 5 weeks to go and we have nowhere to put the baby.

*dramatic sigh*

And I have a hangnail.

No, I'm not stressed at all...

(Seriously, though, we have 2000 square feet in this house! We will find somewhere to put the baby. Worst case scenario, he'll just be in our room for a while. Hopefully he's a quiet sleeper.)


  1. oh my, you are busy and not far to go! I hope you figure out your house situation. impressive crib that you made!!!

  2. Oh, haha, I didn't make the crib. Just the sheet, crib skirt and blanket! :) That WOULD be impressive!

    Thanks though, I'm sure we'll figure something out.

  3. That's it, I'm flying out to Utah to give you a big hug!! If there is room for the baby in your room I'd do that... We had our first little guy in our room for awhile (like 10 months??) and it was kind of nice. Maybe you could put a screen up to make a little "room" in there? And for the dresser if it's going in the boys room, would a blue dresser with red drawers work?

    And for the hangnail I'd go with Neutrogena Healing Cream :D

    So bummed you aren't on the team with us, but it doesn't change a thing!! Thanks for the congrats!

  4. home ownership is grand eh? :) or :( Bummed about team trakkers for you, but like you said you'll be a bit, uh, per-occupied this year! :)

    I would just plan on putting the baby in my room if it was me. Put the crib in the basement or somewhere out of the way for now and worry about it later. Of course I co-slept w/ my kids until they were 6 months old... and then they only started the night in their crib and came to our bed after their first feeding... :D

  5. Bummed you didn't make Trakkers, too. Hmph! You look mighty fine preggo, lady! Good luck in these last few weeks.