Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who left such sweet comments on my last post, or otherwise sent me messages. You're support and advice really made me feel so much better! I feel lucky to have so many awesome friends, even if I don't know most of you in real life! :)

I feel so much less stressed now!

What we're going to do is just skip the window, keep the baby in our room, and get me a new tri bike! :)


What we've really decided to do is go with the cheaper window that's big enough to be safe, but not necessarily to code. We've told the contractor that we want to do it, but he's been busy so who knows when it will actually get done.

I'm not going to worry about it any more.

Several people suggested just keeping the baby in our room, and I guess I had just ruled that out since I'm such a light sleeper and have trouble sleeping with a baby in the same room as me. I just wake up at every little grunt or movement the baby makes, and end up constantly checking on them all night. If they're in the next room over, I can hear them cry, but at least get some sleep in-between feedings. Maybe this baby will be a really quiet sleeper, or maybe I'll just get used to it. If not, it won't be for very long since we will get the window in and move the girls downstairs eventually.

Besides, won't it be so cute to have a little baby in our room with us?! He's going to be so little!


  1. 1 word: earplugs! Or is it two words: ear plugs. Either way. Get some. SAVED MY LIFE! :) SEriously! Start now in case it takes you a while to get used to using them!

  2. Hmm, not a bad idea! Would probably help with the husband snoring (occasionally), and the neighbor's dog barking right outside our window (arg!) too! :)