Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Weight Game

I'm not one to put much stock in how much I weigh. Before I got pregnant, and even when I did my Ironman, I weighed probably 10-20 lbs more than my lowest weight, but I was in much better shape! But it is fun to look at the numbers sometimes, and I have no problems putting those numbers out here on the internet for the world to see (gulp).

Ironman Weight: around 140 (It was even 140.6 once and that really made me smile!)
Pre-pregnancy Weight: about 145
Pregnancy Weight at last dr. visit: 168 (total of 23 lbs gained)
Post-pregnacy Weight when I came home (2 days after baby was born): 159

I don't know how I only lost 9 lbs after having a baby that weighed 8lbs 4oz, but these were different scales so it's probably not totally accurate.

Weight 1 week after baby (today): 152.4

So that, my friends, is how you lose 16 lbs in a week without being on The Biggest Loser! I LOVE nursing!

My goal is to get down to 135-140 again before Utah Half which is 8 months away. I think with a little help from George to burn off the calories, I'll get there easily. That is, if I don't eat too many carrot cookies. I'm planning on making some today. I can't wait! But, first a nap.

PS - I LOVE not being pregnant anymore. It's the best! :)

PPS - Happy 1 week anniversary, George!


  1. You sounds so happy! I love it! Yes, those lbs will just melt away and you are going to rock Utah Half! Enjoy the cookies, you are burning them off :D

  2. That's great, good for you! I was never so lucky, breastfeeding never helped me out a bit, darn it! Well, I can't say never. It does have lot's of other benefits!

  3. Congratulations on little George! And only 7 lbs from pre-pregancy weight??? Wow!

  4. I am hoping that the breastfeeding will do the same for me!