Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crazy Recovery Week

So, Sunday night I didn't feel like I needed another rest day, and I certainly didn't feel like I needed another recovery week. With all this trying to get my foot better, I feel like the past 6 weeks have been recovery weeks! They haven't of course, I've been doing my fair share of swimming and biking, but it just doesn't feel the same without running.

Physically, I didn't feel like I needed to recover, but mentally I did.

So, I took Monday off as planned. I can't even remember what I ended up doing that day. I think I slept a lot.

Tuesday I rode my bike for half an hour, doing 3x3:00 intervals. Then I ran for 30 minutes. I didn't take the GPS so I didn't worry about how far I went or my speed, and it was a great run! I really enjoyed it! I've decided that I need to do that for a while. I'm just going to run for time and run as slow or as fast as I want for a while. At least until I'm out of this funk.

Wednesday I was supposed to run for 30 minutes, then do a recovery swim. I swear I left for my run at just a little after 6, but by the time I got back from my half-hour run, it was 7. How does that happen? Again, I just had my timer and music and had a really fun run! When I got back, I realized that I needed to help Pete move all the furnature out of the bedrooms before he left for work at 8:30 because the carpet cleaners were coming so I just had to skip the swim.

Thursday morning, I didn't workout because I had to take Mindy and Ethan to the dentist at 7:00 to get some fillings, and oh my, was that traumatic! Mindy actually was really brave and didn't have any problems. She said it didn't even hurt. Ethan, on the other hand, was screaming and yelling and fighting and covering his mouth and threatening to bite. It was not a pretty site. They had to stop half-way through his first filling to let him calm down. Then he would not let them finish. It finally took me and 3 other people holding him down so the doctor could finish and he wouldn't have to go home with a hole in his tooth. He wouldn't let them give him the laughing gas either. We were there for an hour and a half! He still has one more filling, but he's going in on Monday when Pete can go with him. Hopefully it will go better!

I let the kids watch a movie when we got home, and I thought I'd do my bike ride on the trainer. I got all ready and brought my bike downstairs, but then remembered... I couldn't get to the trainer. All this stuff was in the way still.

So, I just decided to get as much cleaned up as I could while George slept, which didn't really put a dent in the mess. Then it was time to take the kids to get ice cream since I had promised them we'd do that after getting the fillings (though, after the way Ethan acted getting his filling, that kid should not be allowed to eat any more sugar!). We ended up going to McDonald's which they thought was the greatest thing in the world because I usually avoid that place like the plague. After ice cream, we went to the library where they were having a zoo animal presentation. It was really fun! We go to see and touch a sugar glider, a tortoise, a turtle, some parrots (didn't get to touch them), a snake, 2 lizards, a chinchilla (so soft!), a guinea pig and (Elle's favorite) this big white dog that kills wolves but I can't remember the name of it.

George was just cute and sat in his sling.

While I was at the library, my sister-in-law called to let me know they were heading to the hospital to have her baby soon so they were going to bring their 2 boys over. We hurried home and got ready for that. She was due on July 1 so it was starting to seem like she was never going to have this baby!

Friday, I couldn't very well leave Pete with all 6 kids, so I didn't get any workout in. We did walk to the park though.

Today I was scheduled to do a swim and a 45 minute run, and I had also thought about doing my usual Saturday long ride instead. But I decided I needed to do a long run the most so that's what I ended up doing. I don't know how far I went, but I just ran for 1:12 so around 7 miles. That's not a terribly long run, but for someone who hasn't really been running much for a while, it was long enough! By this evening my legs were so tired and pretty sore.

So, yeah, it's been a pretty exhausting recovery week!

I'm excited to get back into serious training again next week.

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  1. My goodness that is quite a week you had!!! You are a rock star for getting through it!! Hope the next filling goes better, that sounded awful :(