Wednesday, July 20, 2011

George - 6 Months

George turned 6 months old on Saturday so that was exciting! We celebrated with some peas.

He didn't really love them. But after a few days of trying little bits at a time, he's starting to get used to the weird stuff in his mouth. The funniest thing is that he likes to blow it out when I put it in his mouth. He's so cute!

He's also getting closer and closer to crawling. He can roll around and pivot really well, and he really just enjoys playing on the floor. He just needs to figure out how to get up on his knees.

Again, he's SO cute!

Other than that, this week has been super fun because Pete's sister and her family are here visiting from Switzerland! The best part is the kids getting to play with their cousins. So fun! We're looking forward to seeing them as much as possible during the moth that they're here.

It's also been really fun because I've jumped back into training hard again! Yay! It's fun to actually be able to do all my workouts again. It seems like forever since I've been able to do that.

Monday it was a run and a swim, Tuesday it was a bike/run brick in the morning and a swim in the evening (where I did 12 100s every 1:50 instead of 2:00 like I usually do, so they were all in the 1:38-1:42 range), and today was just a run. But it wasn't just a run because I ran for an hour, and I ran up a really steep hill to the capitol. It was awesome.

Things that haven't been fun this week are that Mindy and Ethan both had the flu on Monday so we had to switch our swimming-with-the-Swiss-cousins plan from Tuesday to today just to be safe even thought they both felt better on Tuesday. On Tuesday, since we weren't going swimming, I decided to get Elle caught up on her immunizations and sign her up for preschool. That was not fun, but I'm glad it's done. Her leg was hurting the rest of the day and this morning. Then when it was time to swim, she just wasn't feeling well and her leg was still hurting. I didn't worry about it too much, thinking it was just from the shots. But she was just shivering in the pool and not having fun. I didn't realize until we got home that she's got what the other kids had on Monday! Duh! I never would have taken her swimming if I would have realized that. I just thought her leg was sore and that the water would help it. Now she's just burning up. That's always the worst to see your kids sick. Poor girl. I hope none of the cousins get sick too, and that she's better tomorrow!

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