Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Tri Suit and Lots of Pancakes

This weekend I missed my long run. I slept in until George woke up at 6:30 and didn't seem like he'd go back to bed. Elle woke up too. I hurried and ate my oatmeal, but then didn't know what to do. I asked Elle if I should go run and she said, "No, you should stay here and take care of George." How could I leave after that? I finally went in and asked Pete what he was planning on for the day, hoping to hear those five magic words, "I'm working from home today." But he had to go work in Orem, and he had to leave soon. So, I just gave up on the idea of a long run that day. And why not make it a proper rest day while I was at it? So, when Geroge when down for his nap, I went back to bed. I ended up sleeping until like 11! It was crazy! It was a good thing I got that good rest too, because after I got up, my sister-in-law called to tell me they were heading to temple square then to This Is The Place park so we hurried and got ready to meet them there. It was really fun, but we were all super tired by the end of it!

I only took a few pictures of the kids at temple square, and none with the cousins. I need to be better at that while they're here!

Even though I think resting on Friday was the right thing to do, I still felt a little bed, and I was worried I would skip my long ride too. You know, like I got the skip-workout ball rolling and it would be hard to stop. But, I did get up and get out on my ride by 6:30. It was nice out too, I actually wore a windbreaker for the first half hour. I rode 50 miles in 3:06.

When I got home, I fed George, then just did a quick mile or so run. Then I came back and got started on some pancakes. I had to make a triple batch because a double batch never seems to be quite enough. Man, my family's getting big!

I asked Pete to take a quick picture of me in my new tri suit, and it turned into a little photo shoot, with the kids in the house yelling for me and, waiting for their pancakes. We were all so hungry.

I got this suit mainly because I'm sick of getting sunburnt on my lower back, but I also like how sleek and fast looking it is. Plus it matches my bike!

We had a fun picnic with the cousins at Sugarhouse park after Pete got his bike ride in, where the kids all played in the river and had a blast. Then we hiked up Ensign Peek with Pete's brother. The kids were awesome little hikers! I held Elle's hand and had George in the sling, and every time we went up a step (log) she'd jump up and George would just laugh! He thought it was so funny, and it was really cute. We got to the top just in time to watch the sunset over the Great Salt Lake, but back down before it got dark. Of course, we told the kids to slow down like a million times on the way down, and they almost made it to the bottom without incident. But then Ethan fell and scraped up his knee so that wasn't fun, but I think overall it was a fun experience for them.

Now, I must get to bed so I can make up that long run in the morning!

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  1. Sweet suit! Love that is all coordinated with the bike.